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Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight With Your Peloton


SO…you busted your butt in January.  You established a new exercise routine, got your heart rate up for up to 60 minutes a day several times a week, joined a bunch of Peloton groups, earned some new badges, and maybe even made some new internet friends along the way. 


You drank less alcohol, you ate fewer carbs, you snatched some wigs, and you generally slayed the heck out of January. 


But the scale didn’t move.  And while you’re proud of your new high-intensity indoor cycling exercise routine, you didn’t exactly see the results you wanted. Did you gain muscle mass? Are you retaining water? Is Aunt Flo to blame?


Well, maybe. There are a million reasons why the scale doesn’t move.  And the most common answer is a simple one — you’re not consistently in a calorie deficit.


Ok, ok.  Don’t burn me at the stake.  I know that society and diet culture, in general, have led you to believe that watching carbs, eating plenty of healthy fats, and eating “clean” is all you need to lose weight.  And sure…eliminating hyper-palatable foods ( Lucky Charms, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, etc) *can* help you lose weight. But actual weight loss comes from creating and maintaining a calorie deficit for a period of time. 


So yes, I’m saying you can have your carbs, eat them too, and still lose body fat.  Even if those carbs aren’t free-range, grain-free, non-GMO carbs grown in your own backyard.  


Again, you will lose weight regardless of what you’re eating as long as you’re eating in a calorie deficit. 


Are we good on that? Ok…now moving on to the actual task of figuring out how to get in that calorie deficit.  


Your body weight x 10-12 = about the number of calories you should be eating to create a calorie deficit


Tada.  Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, just a simple idea that calories in vs. calories out will help you lose weight through a calorie deficit. 


Of course, there are additional components that matter, including protein intake, quality of food, actually weighing your food, sodium intake, etc.  But if you focus on your overall caloric intake while prioritizing protein, you’ll start seeing results. 


Check out some of our Stronger U members who saw success with their Peloton bikes after incorporating a focus on nutrition into their routine.  

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