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Come for the Results, Stay for the Coaches

Our coaches serve as even more than nutrition experts. They’re also friends, teachers, cheerleaders, and self-doubt crushers that give our members the confidence and tools to achieve and maintain the results they’re after.

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Road Trip Tips from a Stronger U Coach

Crank up the radio and roll the windows down, it’s summer, which means Stronger U members are hitting the open road on road trips, camping excursions, and so much more. Stronger U coach Katie Leahy, RD, is dishing her common member tips for making this year’s road trip the best one yet, with gas station and packing tips, how to handle the road, and much more!

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Year in Revi-U: Big Moves for Stronger Growth

When I launched Stronger U in April of 2015, I wanted to reverse engineer the dieting process, figure out why people fail with diets and try to fix those things.

What started out as my side gig of taking on 7-8 clients at my friend’s local CrossFit, quickly grew to 70-80 through word of mouth. I eventually quit my fulltime job, brought on the first few coaches, and Stronger U continued to grow like crazy.

By 2021 we had helped 50,000 members globally in improving their relationship with food and building better awareness of their eating habits. Yet, just like reaching our health goals requires stepping out of our comfort zone, I realized that to continue building Stronger U to be the best nutrition company in the world, it was going to require big moves.

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Why Your Low-Carb Diet Might be Sabotaging Your Success

Carbohydrates fuel our body with glucose which is converted to energy used to support our brain, kidneys, heart muscles, and central nervous system.

Radishes and Red Flags

Dieting Red Flags: Are You Signing Up for the Latest Diet Craze?

The ideal program will teach people sustainable healthy eating habits and skills that last a lifetime. 

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