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You can think of our experienced nutrition coaches
as a friend, cheerleader, support system, coach and
teacher. No one-size-fits-most approach, The Stronger U
team is committed to really getting to know you so we
can reconnect you to your “why”—so we can reach your
goals, together, for a lifetime of success.

Our nutritional

We’re here to empower people with coaching, community and nutritional intelligence so they can stop dieting and start living.

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Balance is key.

Energy balance (how much we eat vs. how much we expend) is the most important factor in changing body weight and composition. While simple on paper, it can be complex for each individual. We’ll help make sense of it all.

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Master your macros.

Consuming the appropriate amount of macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) for your specific body can help you learn what and how to eat to support your short and long-term success.

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No bad foods.

Food shouldn’t be viewed as good or bad. We believe food should be viewed as making sense or not making sense in a particular situation based on your goals and priorities.

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Build new habits.

Lasting change comes from building sustainable, healthy habits. We work with members on changing their approach to food but also on developing healthy habits in other areas of their lives.

Our company


Science based

Our approach to nutrition is led by data and science, not fads or trends.

Inspired by education

We deliver coaching through educating our members and building systems for long-term success.

Growth mindset

We are always improving and striving to be better, so we can help our Stronger U community do the same.

Member obsessed

Members are the foundation of everything we do. You, the members are the reason for everything we do. You’re the reason we exist. So, we’re big fans accordingly.

Built by community

We’re big on community, support and shared inspiration because we are so, so much better together.


We’re passionate about helping people live happier lives, free from the rigmarole of yo-yo dieting.

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Stronger U came to be.


Hi there, I’m Mike! I founded Stronger U with a simple yet critical mission — to change the way the world eats. I took note of the common failure points and created Stronger U to help people learn to eat for the rest of their lives so they can stop dieting and start living. No wacky rules, no restrictive processes (looking at you, juice cleanses), and no more going it alone. Just evidence-based nutrition, rooted in science, and delivered by world-class nutrition coaches and Registered Dietitians.

Mike Doehla
  • We made nutrition flexible 
  • We created community so it wasn’t lonely 
  • We looked at real data and stopped guessing  
  • We made fat loss sustainable by educating and not worrying about all the noise.

Mike Doehla
Founder of Stronger U Nutrition

We look forward to helping you reach your goals, because you deserve it. Let’s do this!

Stronger U Leadership Team

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Stacy Anderson


Jason Dehler

Jason Dehler

Sr. Director of Product

Dr. Jessica Bachman, Director of Nutrition Education

Dr. Jessica Bachman

Director of Operations

Courtney McNamee, Director of Marketing

Courtney McNamee

Director of Marketing

Chuck Gross, Director of Technology

Chuck Gross

Director of TECHNOLOGY


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