The Secret Sauce

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When you join Stronger U, we pair you with a certified nutrition expert that matches your personality, lifestyle and goals to hold you accountable and help you adhere. Your coach will make personalized recommendations to your nutrition landscape and habits that’ll keep you on track and your results in sight. An algorithm in an app is cool, but that can’t replace a real coach in your pocket that understands your uniqueness like Stronger U can.


Most diets are lonely and that can be difficult so we created a safe place for you and other members to work together. The Stronger U family is made up of thousands of people just like you who are invested in your success, are there to celebrate your wins, and understand your struggles. Once you join the Stronger U family, you’re family for life!


We know a more educated member is a more successful member so we have our nutrition experts sharing their knowledge of up-to-date nutritional science. In addition to being enrolled in our 12-week education series after joining, you’ll have access to live Q&A’s, and a variety of resources that will teach the skills to achieve success today and habits that last a lifetime. Learn now and never diet again.

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