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12 Week Program

Establish new habits and develop a positive relationship with food – and make significant strides toward your body and performance goals.

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6 Month Program
Save $100 

Watch your new habits start to become second nature as you hone in on your initial body composition and/or performance goals. Become more intuitive about when to be precise…and when it’s okay to be more lenient.

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1 Year Program
Save $300 

Your new habits become part of your lifestyle, allowing you to rely on your own nutrition knowledge more and more, even in less-controlled situations like parties and vacation. Work with your coach to set new nutrition goals – or learn to maintain the level you’ve achieved.

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Fast forward to the end of week 36 and I am down 50 pounds to a weight I had not seen in 30 years. I love the program and never do I feel weighing and watching what I eat is a burden.