The Stronger U Member Spotlight — Carrie Berridge

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Meet Carrie

I am 43 years old, originally from Michigan but now living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am married and we have one rescue dog, Popeye. 

Life before Stronger U

Before Stronger U, I had tried several diets – Weight Watchers, Noom, Keto, even other macro counting programs (Zone diet). I have lost and gained the same 35-40 three or four times since I was in my twenties. I would do really well, workout really hard and follow restrictive diets, lose the weight and then gradually put it back on again as soon as I stopped dieting. I have always enjoyed being active – I have worked out regularly since my mid-20s, but only really noticed significant weight loss when I worked out intensely. When I was trying to lose weight, I would work out at least an hour a day and sometimes working out an hour twice a day. I thought that was what it took to maintain a decent weight. 

Why do you think Stronger U worked so well for you?

I think Stronger U works for several reasons. 

First, community support. I LOVE the Stronger U Community. I would often turn to the community for recipes, advice, motivation – everyone’s success stories are so inspiring! 

Second, coaching/accountability. I’ve worked with two coaches and both have been amazing! So positive, supportive, encouraging.

Third, it’s not restrictive. For the most part, I still eat the same things I enjoyed pre-Stronger U. Just in different ways. And the food I’m eating now and the way I’m eating it, I don’t feel deprived and like I will slide back to my old ways. I have SO much more energy from eating the right combinations of foods. And everything I’m eating is so good and satisfying! 

Lastly, the owner’s advice. Mike’s guidance and advice, care, concern, responsiveness – it all matters. When that tone of respect and care is set from the top, it trickles down to everyone. Mike seems to know what to say and when to say what people need to hear. 

So, what’s life like now?

I enjoy walking, hiking, bicycling (and Peloton), and jogging. The workouts I do now, I do them because I enjoy them, not to punish myself for what I’ve eaten. I do hard/intense workouts when I feel like it, I occasionally do weight training, but I am enjoying the cardio that I do most days of the week. 

Any favorite non-scale victories to share?

Having more confidence when meeting new people, not feeling judged when I talk about working out, achieving new goals on the Peloton, fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. Wearing boots that fit over my calves!

Living her best life

Stronger U has given me so much more confidence and energy. I want to get up and conquer the day every day. I sometimes have so much energy that it’s hard to sit still. I am getting outside, walking, biking, and running, all without pain! I was able to make some major life changes in order to regain happiness. I am in a new town and in a new job that I love!

Healthy wins

I lost 12” and 40lbs. I went from having several migraines a month to maybe 1 a month! And I did it while still being able to eat pizza, ice cream, and tacos!

What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining Stronger U?

Your life is about to change in SO many positive ways. You will gain control over many aspects of your life. Put in 100% and you will get it back. Be honest with yourself and trust your coach!

“This program is about more than just losing weight. You will no longer be controlled by food.”

Shoutout corner.

Mackenzie Stangohr for the inspiration and for telling me about Stronger U. Tanner Baze for helping me start this journey and being there when I lost my dogs. DeeDee Ballesteros for being my personal cheerleader and my friend!

Any last thoughts?

The biggest reward from this program is how I feel. I feel better than I ever have – I thought that when I turned 40 that I had to accept the way my body looked and that I would continue to feel tired all of the time. I thought I would have to kill myself in the gym or basically starve myself in order to get to a healthy weight. Sometimes I still can’t believe the amazing results from this program!

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