Carson’s 40 lb. Weight Loss with Stronger U Coaching 

Stronger U Member Before and After: Carson

Quick Facts:

Name: Carson F.
Age: 37
Weight Lost: 40 lbs.
Coach: Adina Gilliam

Many people join Stronger U after exhausting other options and failing to see the results they desire despite exercising regularly and attempting various diets. This was very much the case for Carson. He found Stronger U through Wellhub (formerly known as Gympass). Although he had been putting forth significant effort toward getting stronger over 4-5 years and tracking macros on his own with another app, he hadn’t reached the physical change he was after. “I’ve always been a heavier person. Ever since high school. In 2022, it just began to wear on me that I still felt uncomfortable to show my body even though all the effort I put towards it,” he recalls.

Prior to Stronger U, Carson’s biggest challenge was understanding the long-term benefit of sustainable nutrition habits. He could easily watch what he ate for a few days, but then the weekend would derail his progress. It wasn’t until he started logging the meals he had on his “cheat days” that he realized how many macros he was eating when he didn’t track. This newfound awareness led him to determine which foods he really wanted daily. It also has empowered him to find opportunities to add his favorite foods into his daily plan, where it makes the most sense. Through this journey, he’s also found new favorite foods, like Better Bagels, that fit well into his daily plan and give him extra boosts of protein and fiber – nutrients that help keep him fuller, longer.

It wasn’t just food tracking that helped him achieve his goals, though. He credits his Stronger U coach, Adina, with helping him get to where he is today. With her consistent feedback, guidance, and education, Carson has lost 40 pounds and is more confident than ever. Her coaching helped him improve his well-being with better clarity from less alcohol consumption, deeper sleep from proper nutrition, and more accountability to sticking to his daily plan (including his personal commitment to walking 10,000 steps daily).

Coach Adina has also been a sounding board when he’s had to get past a tough hurdle or a challenging day. He said her regular recaps have been invaluable, and she’s helped him understand what was happening with his body so he could zoom out to see the bigger picture. “Whether it’s a simple update to keep up the work or possibly a course correction, it’s the exact feedback I needed when I needed it,” Carson noted.

Since becoming a Stronger U member, Carson has adopted more structure, improved his planning, created new habits, and embraced the essential knowledge he’s gained from his coach and the program.

A Note from Coach Adina:

“There’s so much I could say about Carson. It is hard to be in his universe and not feel the energy and joy he brings to everything he does! We’ve worked together since October 2022 and I’ve been so incredibly impressed with him along the way. Carson is so determined! He works hard at his job, he is always involved in activities within his community and with all of that, he shows up for his session with consistency and dedication to his goals. Like most members, Carson has seen ups and downs on the scale. Carson is great at recognizing the limitations of his bandwidth. He adjusts and simplifies when needed to keep himself consistent. Over the course of our work together, he’s lost 40 pounds but has gained confidence in himself, energy, and long-standing habits that he’s incorporated into his lifestyle.”

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