Savannah Lost 35 Pounds and Became a Transformation Challenge Winner 

Stronger U Member Before and After

Quick Facts:

Name: Savannah T.
Age: 29
Weight Lost: 35 lbs.
Coach: Jamie Tuttle

Motivated by her doctor’s recommendation that she focus on her diet to return to a healthier weight, Savannah sought support to help her make nutrition and lifestyle changes. She started with another program but soon became frustrated with their approach, leaving her always hungry and without results. Soon after leaving that program, Savannah came to Stronger U, which is a distant departure from the deprivation, diet pills, and rigidity she previously experienced. She admits that initially, she was looking for a quick fix, but once she started with Stronger U, it didn’t take long for her to realize that sustainability was what she needed.

The mindset shift has been a game-changer for achieving the long-term results she was after.

With Coach Jamie’s seamless push to kick habits that were working against her and develop new ones that would support her goals, Savannah built a consistent routine she has come to love. Tracking and hitting new milestones has become something she looks forward to. Her hard work has paid off as she’s lost and maintained a total of 35 pounds, bought an entirely new wardrobe in the past year to fit into her new physique, is lifting 45-pound dumbbells successfully, and can complete pushups on her toes (with good form!) Savannah says, “The little victories are subtle reminders of how far I’ve come now that my focus has shifted to maintaining and strength training.”

In addition to all the support, advice, and guidance that Coach Jamie provides, Savannah also found the Stronger U community to be a source of inspiration. She’s drawn to the recipes and workout recommendations in her Facebook feed when she needs to see them most!

She credits Stronger U and Coach Jamie for helping her fall in love with every aspect of her new lifestyle that she continues to maintain. In fact, she was recently named the Maintenance Winner for the Stronger U Transformation Challenge! (Way to go, Savannah!)

“I have never been under as much stress as I have been this year and the routines that Jamie and I built together (meal planning, NEAT, strength training) have not only gotten me out of bed in the morning but also feel successful after some very long days. I am forever grateful for Stronger U and especially Coach Jamie! ❤️”

A note from Coach Jamie:

“Savannah is the ULTIMATE example of making the best of something that’s not easy. She came into our time together looking to lose weight and did exactly that! She used her time in weight loss to dig deep and learn about nutrition. She put major effort into making sure that the habits she created were around for the long term. She has been super engaged since day one, asking questions, and her new lifestyle shows that. She lost the weight she wanted to lose and has lived a long while in maintenance. Now we’re talking about intentional muscle building, which is SO fun! She’s stronger than ever and lives in an amazing balance where she enjoys special foods (and drinks) when they matter to her but keeps her eyes on her goals and overall well-being at the same time. I’m grateful for every day I get to work with Savannah because she’s also taught me a lot along the way! Let’s keep setting and crushing new goals, Savannah!”

Thinking of taking the leap into joining Stronger U? Savannah has some words of encouragement for you: “Take it one step at a time. Take the journey in small increments, trust the process, and enjoy the progress! Coach Jamie was always great at pointing out the growth when I was feeling stagnant. You get out what you are able to put in, and you are worth putting in all the money, time, and effort because the rest of your life will benefit too!”

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