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Before joining Stronger U, Kayla Pennington knew she didn’t want another fad diet.  She wanted a forever change that would fuel her for the balanced, intentional life she wanted to live. She got that and so much more. Read her full story below

Meet Kayla

I live in Memphis, TN with my husband (who is also a Stronger U member) and my two boys – a 2 year and almost 5 year old. I work full time for Hilton, and I enjoy sharing about macros on Instagram (@ohh_happy_kay). I LOVE to travel, experience new places + foods + sights. Some of my favorite places we’ve visited are Cinque Terre, Florence, Charleston, San Diego, New York City, and Cabo.

Life Before Stronger U

Before SU, I had tried MANY different diets and food lifestyles, but I either failed them, or they failed me. I started SU when I was 7month postpartum with my second baby and felt so unlike myself. Puffy, achy, unmotivated when it came to eating right or exercising, and also lost around how to fuel my body correctly while nursing. I was a mess! But I knew I needed a forever change. I honestly wasn’t sure that SU was going to give me that, but I was willing to try anything, just like I had done before. I can say now, I’ve had my last first day with a new “diet”. #SUforever

So, What’s Life Like Now?

Balanced, strong, confident, intentional – things I only dreamed of just a few years ago. SU has given me so, so much more than weight loss – that’s simply been the icing on the cake.

Any Non-Scale Victories To Share?

Some of my favorites: I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and because of everything I’ve learned with SU, I was able to do that through sharing macro tips, recipes, and fitness inspiration on Instagram.  I’m also fitting into clothes I haven’t worn since high school… you know, the jeans that you keep in the VERY back of your closet, “just in case you can ever fit into them again”. I also just feel SO good in my own skin – something I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to say before. 

Living Her Best Life

I am no longer in a fog – I’m awake and living, and not WAITING on life to happen. I am MAKING my life and loving it. There are many factors that have pushed me there, but a huge part of this was cutting alcohol… I do still enjoy a cocktail, but am drinking much less often now than I was. I was struggling with it becoming a habit, and thought it was normal to drink wine 4-5 days a week.  All tired mommas do it, right? That may be true, but it doesn’t make it normal. It took me a while to actually want to not drink, but once I was able to see the benefits of not vs. the temporary benefits of doing it, it helped truly improve my whole life – my attitude, motivation, being present for my kiddos, my sleep, my anxiety, and ultimately, it feels good to feel like I conquered something that was really influencing me.

Healthy Wins

I’ve always been generally healthy, but I will say I feel much more in tune with my body than ever before. I know how certain foods make me feel, what ingredients are certain triggers for my body, which affect my workouts well and which don’t do much for me.

Do you have advice for someone considering Stronger U?

DO IT. Right now, sign up. There is no time like now.

Give yourself tons of grace, but know the difference between grace and excuses.

Shoutout Corner

Major shoutout to Ariana! You are a FANTASTIC coach – so patient, and took time to peel back layers and get to the root of some challenges through my journey (hello wine, and HELLO hating to workout). And of course, major shoutout to Food Dad – Mike, you saying YES to your dream has changed my life. I don’t even like to think of the person, mom, wife, friend, employee, traveler, creator I would be without SU. I was so lost and didn’t really even know it. You are changing lives, and you have changed mine. Thanks for always keeping it real and giving tough love!

Any Last Thoughts?

Stronger U has without a doubt completely changed my life. In ways I didn’t even know it needed changing. And, it’s a journey right, so I’m still learning, and always will be! I love this community so much and will shout it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen.

For more inspiring content, including fun macro tips and tricks, make sure to follow Kayla on Instagram at @ohh_happy_kay. And for more information about the Stronger U program, email info@strongeru.com 

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