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On paper, fall is just about the worst possible time for someone to start a diet. Seriously. When you think about it, fall is basically designed to get us to overeat.

Gone are the days of lounging by the pool in a swimsuit and fighting off the anxiety of whether or not you can take off your cover-up. All the fall clothes are flattering, warm, and don’t dream of being revealing.

At the very same time, it’s like all of the food that gets popular is about as calorie dense as possible. It’s like all of the sudden everyone agrees that people need to increase the pie baking production per capita by 10-fold. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s toss cookies and pumpkin-spice-everything into the mix.

Seriously – when it comes to building a season that should wreak havoc on a diet, it’s hard to do much better than fall.

It’s not hard to see that I’ve got a lot of thoughts on fall, which partly for the reasons listed above, is my favorite season. But here’s the great irony of my thoughts on fall: I actually think right now is the best time of the year that you can start dieting.

Really. I’m not being sarcastic.

This isn’t anything new. I’ve felt this way for a long time. If you’re someone who is just thinking about starting to work on your health and weight loss goals, this is the time to start. Or if you’re someone who has been in this game for a while, this is the perfect time for you to take stock of where you’re at in relation to your goals, audit the way you’re working on those goals, and figure out ways to improve your process. Fall may be a season that seems like it’s built to make us gain weight, but it’s also built for refocusing and renewal.

I’m not sure what it is about fall that’s always made me feel this way. Maybe it’s that distinct feeling that comes with stepping outside and being able to tell that summer is finally cooling off. That feeling that immediately comes with your first breath of sharp, crisp, morning air.

Maybe it’s because fall follows summer, a season that we all look forward to from about February on – but once late July hits we’re about done with. Grilling out and having cookouts with friends and family is fun, but it’s hard to eat and drink with reckless abandon for too long without feeling bloated and exhausted.

Or, maybe, it’s that fall coincides with back to school time. Back to school is like this phenomenon that impacts just about all of us, no matter if you’re actually going back to school or not. The signs, the ads, the school-supply aisles popping up. It’s impossible to ignore, and I think that’s a great thing. It’s a chance for all of us to take stock of our year up to this point. A natural moment of reflection plopped about ⅔ of the way through the year. That is my favorite thing about fall.

(Also, back to school always brings amazing and cringe-worthy advertising gems like this commercial.)

Back to school is a chance for kids to reflect on the things they’ve learned up to this point. It’s a moment where they get to review some of the things they’ve been over in an effort to solidify the foundation that they’re going to be building upon in the coming year. Which, let’s be real, they probably need to. It’s amazing what can leave a brain when an entire summer is spent playing Fortnite, right?

I like to think about fall as the same thing for all of us who have weight loss, muscle gain, or performance goals. Especially those of us who are tracking and paying attention to what we eat.

It’s hyperbole to say that for most of us, we tend to slack off a bit in the summer. That’s not an indictment on anyone because I can absolutely say that’s true for me. It’s hard not to loosen up a bit when everyone you talk to and everything you see on social media is about kicking back in the sun and relaxing for a bit.

How can you not ease off the gas a bit whenever it seems like every weekend has some cookout, some outdoor event built around food and drinks, or some other social plan that seems to always pop up? Those are all just normal things that come along with summer, and for most of us, they’re things that we’re fortunate to be able to take part in – so why wouldn’t we enjoy that?

But we also know that can’t go on forever. We can’t live life like every season is a party, because it’s certainly not. That’s why I really love fall. Not that I like to be a downer and put an end to the party, but new-beginnings and fresh-starts are a ton of fun. The thought of all the possibilities that lay ahead when you’re coming back to working on your goals is something that gets me Michael Scott level excited.

While all of the kids are reflecting on the things they’ve learned up to this point, fall is a natural chance for us to start reflecting on our year up to this point. It’s a place where we get to think about all of the things that we wanted to accomplish, what we have accomplished, and what we still have left to accomplish.

On top of that, it’s a natural place to go back to the basics and audit ourselves and what we’re doing. Fall is a time of year in which it makes sense for us to take stock of our processes, our daily behaviors, and make sure those are lining up with our goals. It’s that very process of regularly auditing yourself that sets successful dieters apart.

It’s that very process of regularly auditing yourself that sets successful dieters apart.

For some of us, taking stock of things might mean renewing your focus on how you’re weighing and measuring your food. For others it might be auditing how you’re going about logging your day to day food intake, to make sure you’re not missing anything. And still, for others, it might be a matter of looking at what your food prep plans look like and identifying ways in which you can improve your process to make your life easier.

The actual behavior we’re talking about doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the spirit behind it. The knowing that you’re actively working to take control of your health and your behaviors from this point forward. The realization that yeah, things may have gotten away from us a bit this summer. And that’s okay. That happens to all of us – after all, we’re only human. Because we know that we can right the ship and get back on track in the best way possible.

At Stronger U, this is something that we not only encourage, but want to actively support as much as we possibly can. Which is why starting today, we’re officially opening up an end of summer/back to school sale.

We get that the past few months may have made it kind of hard to stick to the plan like you really wanted. And we also know that it’s not actually that far off until we’ll all have to start figuring out ways to navigate the Holiday’s together. So in order to make sure that you’re in the best possible place you can, we want to make sure that you’re able to hit the ground running this fall and really take care of your nutrition – and we want to make sure that you can save some money while doing so.

To do that we’re offering discounts on all session lengths from today 8/31 through Friday 9/14. Our new pricing for the next two weeks only is as follows:

  • $50 off 12 weeks ($349)
  • $100 off 6 months ($599)
  • $150 off 12 months ($1149)

A few terms and conditions. Yes, that makes us sound very serious and all, but don’t worry. We just want to make sure we take care of everyone here.:

  1. These discounts will apply ONLY to new sessions purchased. If you just bought a new session, you can still take advantage by purchasing a new session in advance.
  2. You cannot take a current session, bump it up to a longer session, and pay the difference. Again, the discount only applies to NEW sessions purchased.
  3. This is for current, past, and NEW members! We want your friends and family not currently with SU to be able to take advantage of this savings as well.
  4. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount.
  5. This discount applies to current pricing only. The prices above in parentheses are the prices you will pay using this discount. You cannot take the discount off grandfathered pricing.
  6. This discount is a single-use discount only. This will not grandfather you in at the discount pricing. Upon renewal, current pricing will be in effect.

This is a sale that we’re all really excited about and it’s something we’ll be talking about over the next couple of weeks. Both because we think it really is the perfect way to make sure you end this year more fit than ever, and it’s entirely born out of our appreciation for all of you and the wonderful community you’ve helped us build.

If you want to sign up, please head to www.strongeru.com/pricing. If you’re a current member looking to re-up you can do so via this linkWe can’t wait to play a part in the major changes you’re going to be making in the coming months! Please e-mail info@strongerufit.com with any questions.


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