Su Member Spotlight Allison Mayer

Quick Facts:

Name: Allison M.
Age: 46
Weight Lost: 35 lbs.
Coach: Candace Reed

Allison spent years on the hamster wheel of working out and crash dieting without ever yielding sustainable results. She felt like she had to be in a constant restrictive state; otherwise, she’d gain whatever weight she had lost almost immediately. She thought she had tried it all, and nothing seemed to work. Allison was frustrated until her friend encouraged her to try Stronger U, a decision that she now champions wholeheartedly.

Not wasting time, Allison jumped into nutrition coaching before the holidays when most people gave up their healthy habits. She could have let the challenges of trying to build a new routine during the busiest season of the year deter her progress, but instead, she adopted a pragmatic mindset that led her to succeed. Rather than focusing on long-term goals, she planned one week at a time and focused on daily actions, treating each day as a fresh start.

This approach paid off.

Thanks to the guidance of Coach Candace and the support of the Stronger U community, Allison gained nutrition knowledge she can take with her beyond the program and now has a better understanding of how much carbs, fat, protein, and fiber her daily diet should consist of. Coach Candace also showed her how to balance social events, dining out, and travel while staying on track. Access to her coach’s expertise, personalized advice, tracking tools, and community encouragement has led Allison to see transformation on the scale and beyond it.

Since starting Stronger U, Allison has shifted how she looks at her health journey, treating it like a marathon instead of a sprint. Finally finding sustainable habits has helped her maintain her results. In just a few months, she lost over 35 pounds and, to her surprise, won first place in a CrossFit Competition.

Allison at CrossFit Competition.                       Allison at CrossFit competition

She credits the real-time support she received from her coach and the other coaches and members in the Stronger U community for helping her to continue moving forward. She says she never had to wait for responses or guess what she should do, which eliminated a lot of unnecessary frustration. “My appreciation for this program and, more importantly, the people, specifically my coach Candace Reed, is overwhelming. It truly helped me turn a corner I never thought possible. My Wednesday check-in is a highlight of my day. If I’m feeling down or not focused, Candace hits the nail on the head 100% of the time. This gives me the direction, focus, and motivation to keep going.”


A note from Coach Candace:

 I don’t even know where to begin with this amazing human! Allison came to me from a coach swap, and man, it’s been a match made in heaven! She has achieved so many goals during our time together, and I feel so honored to have been a part of her journey! Some of her accomplishments include placing first in her very first CrossFit competition, being a top Athlete within her gym, and losing almost 40 lbs. All while being the “hostest with the mostest,” because she is always planning or cooking for a party or event, or going to a concert. You name it, she is doing it and still keeps her goals in mind. Allison is a mother, wife, career woman, and a role model for so many (including myself)! Allison is always open to feedback and communicates exceptionally well; she never stops showing up for herself and knows that not every day needs to be 100%, but consistency is key!

Su Member Spotlight Allison Mayer

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