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In some way or another, all of us are feeling the impacts of the Coronavirus. Gyms are shutting down, large numbers of people are under shelter-in-place orders, and many of us are seeing that our normal routines have been thrown out the window. We’re spending more time at home, and for more than a few of us that can serve to heighten the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to navigate the unknown. 

We all hope that this comes to an end soon, but none of us know what the future will hold. We don’t know how long we’ll be staying home and we don’t know what our lives will look like in the future. We only know that we’re all learning how to manage a new and unprecedented situation. And when dealing with the unknown, one of the most valuable things any of us can do is seek out support through our community. 

That sort of community support is something we’ve encouraged our members to do. We’ve long talked about how incredible the Stronger U Community is, but that’s never been more apparent than now. Thousands of members across the world have banded together to be there for one another, offer support, and share their own strategies they’re using to stay sane while staying at home. 

So in the spirit of banding together to help one another out, here’s what 16 different SU’ers had to say about how they’re making the best of this situation, how they’re staying sane at home, and how they’re taking care of themselves. 

Trimming social media (when I log into Facebook, I get groups like Stronger U, crafting stuff, etc, no news; friends who post news are muted for now). Gardening/working outside. Walking the dog & working on new tricks (using my yoga ball to teach them treibball right now). Organizing movie watching parties virtually (using discord in my case). Crafting (sewing, stitching). Working out, even if it’s just a few squats, a walk around the yard, or whatever small thing I can do.

– Suz Monsey


Macros and exercise. Helping to keep me in control and in the right mind. Plus, all the memes that have come out of this— specifically the “homeschooling” ones.

– Krissy Warren


Home projects I’ve been putting off due to not having any ‘spare time’. Replaced a water faucet in my 1/2 bath yesterday, need to declutter my closet (remove the clothes to go to good will which are too big for me now thanks to SU), could even do some deep cleaning of areas that get ignored regularly (e.g., kitchen, bathroom cabinets). Focus on what you can control, do… not what you cannot. ❤️🤗 to all, we will get through this, the world keeps turning every day.

– Mandy Anderson


Keeping my morning routine has helped me. Gotta shower. Put on fresh clothes. even if I’m just rolling over to a different room to work instead of commuting to the office.

– Nicole Siener Lowman


For me I have set a schedule I can follow daily. Even over the weekend. I exercise daily, even if it is just a short walk. And sometimes if you need to cry it out. I had a huge mental breakdown yesterday. Everything just flooded in at once and I just cried it out. I felt better and then gave myself a Rocky Balboa pep talk.

– Kristina Olack


I made a rough schedule for today to help me stay focused. Using apps to make to-do lists & feel productive. Creating small rewards for hitting goals (stupid stuff like changing the color of my macro sheet, or adding an emoji like a star chart🙈). Setting a 3 min timer before I eat ANYTHING today to reflect on my choices. Using my serene feature on Polar watch for breathing. Journaling. Sunshine.

– Charity Stephens


Control stress eating / drinking: I have a big note on the ice creams in the fridge and liquor bottles


– Mandar Bisne


Being grateful I live in the mountains and can get out in the woods. Actually talking on the phone to friends I normally text with. Having my family home with me (this is the most time we’ve literally ever spent together since my son was born 11 years ago – both my husband and I traveled for work). This place. Seeing my community rise up to the challenges we all face and help each other in real ways

– Kate Goodrich Stevens


Keeping scheduled meal times (not grazing) and doing some sort of exercise every day.

– Tracy Sinclair


Utilizing all the free meditation and support talks available right now. Exercising several times a day. Planning MFP ahead, allowing small comfort changes if I really need it. Making sure the plan already has comfort items in it. Being gentle with myself. Focusing on the now.

– KC Small


 I have found it imperative to get outside every day, so my dog is getting some super long walks the past week! He loves it. It has helped both his temperament and mine! My 13 yo daughter is joining us and it helps her as she is used to being at the dance studio every day for several hours. Also, the TV is off until after dinner, I am giving myself a 5-6 hour break from social media, trying to read more.

– Teresa Spelts Ross


Creating a schedule on my phone, FaceTiming with friends, being honest with close friends how I’m doing, checking in with my coach more, reading, and just enjoying life. We have a lot to be grateful for.

– Pauline Adams


Reminding myself to take it one day at a time and focus on the things I can control, pausing to adjust my posture and relax my shoulders, taking a few slow, intentional breaths, saying the serenity prayer, doing short 5-10 min meditations on the Peloton app here and there, watching some feel good movies, and letting myself have some time to process. I also stopped reading news articles first thing when I wake up.

– Katie Bartholomew


 I’m working from home. I still get up in the morning, get dressed, and put on makeup and do my hair. That helps me feel like I’m getting some semblance of “normal”. I also downloaded a couch to 5k app so I can get out of the house and away from my family for 30 minutes a day. I adore them, but having 30 minutes to myself is invaluable.

– Mary Bengsston


I have been focusing on getting things done room by room one by one and listening to smooth jazz on Pandora. It’s not over stimulating, actually, it’s soothing and I just stay positive & focused! I do not turn on the news or tv and try not to think too far ahead. I take things day by day and not let fear overtake me. I’ve been on the phone a lot more with family & friends. Trying to have peace with our new normal.

– Earlene Young


My husband and I set a schedule for ourselves and we do a daily “stand up” meeting to check-in. We are retired and with the loss of the gym and all of our outside activities, our lives were lacking structure. So we created some!!

– Anne Riley

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