Weekends, Dieting, And Burning Down The House

Mike Doehla
Founder and CEO

Coach's Corner

One of the most common things we hear from members of the community has to do with weekends. More specifically, how their weekends utterly derail their progress each and every weekend.

Which is why I came up with this little analogy that I think perfectly describes just how insane of a process going crazy on the weekends can be:

 Imagine a carpenter. He spends Monday-Friday building a house. 5 pm rolls around after a long week and he lights the house on fire because it’s fun to watch. It may not be a total structural loss but it’s a huge set back for when he’s back to work on Monday.

Maybe the foundation is there but the frame is charred. Not only does he have to start over every week but he has to clean up the mess he caused. That’s weekday dieting. You cannot expect progress when you burn the house down every weekend. You are literally canceling out all the effort you put in.

Be smart and the house will be built before you know it and you can worry about the upgrades later.

We never expect you to give up your social life, your family life, or to neglect all of the things that you love to do. That’s not what this program is about. But we do want you to make progress. And in order to make progress, that includes cleaning things up on the weekends.

And that’s exactly why we wanted to give you a more visual representation of how overdoing it, even slightly, on a weekend can slow things down.

In short, if you care about making serious progress, it’s a smart thing to keep your weekends in check. Not every weekend has to be treated like a frat party.

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