The Stronger U Survey: What Members Are Saying About Stronger U

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What do people get when they join Stronger U? It’s something I always think about since so many people ask when they’re about to sign up. When someone joins they get a coach, a community, an education, support, and a company that truly cares. Ok cool, but like, what do people get? I suppose it’s a deeper answer, but an easy one. Simply put, they get a better life.

That’s what this is all about. Not necessarily food, but making this short life on earth better in every way. I know, I know, many of you reading may think this is hyperbole. It’s not, but If I’m making the claim it’s up to me to prove it right?

Improving the way one eats can have obvious effects like weight loss and performance improvements, but I always try to dig deeper and see if it is affecting anything else. To do that, I polled our members… Wow! Listed below are a few of the many responses I received:

“I was considering retiring before SU… Was always so tired and sore, now I’m an Energizer Bunny!!!”

“More energy to play with my kids when they ask to go to the park or go on a bike ride. Before I always found a way to say no. Now we go!”

“The realization that I was tracking food better than my money. Seems like an odd connection but it’s there. Got my budget on lock now too.”

“My view of myself, my confidence levels, my ability to talk to myself/others and stand up for what I want and what I need, being able to express my feelings even more.”

“Wayyyyy less food anxiety. Not so tempted by treats since my days are usually planned.”

“My self-esteem, sleep, my relationship with my husband, energy….you name it, it’s better.”

“My cooking skills! I used to rely on take-out a lot, but I’m cooking for myself so much more and really enjoying it. I used to find cooking to be a chore, but now I’m better at timing things and more confident in my skills.”


Those kinds of comments make me all warm and fuzzy and come in pretty regularly but using anecdotes to determine these changes isn’t exactly the most accurate way to see what kind of an impact we are really having on someone’s life. I wanted to measure to see if those changes were common. Is everyone’s life improving? Let’s find out. We created a survey to track these improvements and to measure the overall experience and effectiveness of SU on our members’ long-term results. Why? Because it’s not just about the time spent on the program, it’s about what our members can take with them when they leave.

The survey measured the following changes before and after joining SU:

  • Self Confidence
  • Nutrition Knowledge
  • Sleep Quality
  • Stress Levels
  • Decision making as restaurants
  • Job Performance
  • Discipline
  • Temptations around food
  • Workout performance
  • Health
  • Relationship with Alcohol
  • Desire to be active
  • Impact on household, work colleagues, & friends

We received almost 2,500 responses and after review, we saw that our members were showing improvement….on every single bullet point listed above.  Although we see members in our private group talking about job promotions and having more structure to their everyday lives, I didn’t expect to see vast improvements on some of these. Admittedly I threw a bunch in there like job performance and overall discipline, to see where we weren’t improving members’ lives and use that to figure out how we potentially could, but we already are!

Not only are people getting better but they’re enjoying the experience. Great numbers, sure, but how can we bring them up even higher? Got an idea? Drop it HERE

Some highlights:

Overall experience: 96% of our members rated us positive or very positive. Only .8% of people reported a negative experience. The other 3.2% – Neutral.

These are world-class satisfaction numbers. To be honest, I didn’t even know how incredible they were until I talked to some people with much more survey experience. There are few companies in the world with ratings like this and I am extremely proud of that. For the 4% of you who were neutral or negative, let’s chat. I want to make this better.

Long-term success.

When asking if Stronger U prepared our members for long-term success better than any other program: 92% agreed, 1.3% disagreed, the rest were neutral.

Another thing I am proud of. Our members are learning skills that will last a lifetime and not just coming on and then off another diet Stronger U is preparing them for a true lifestyle change and giving members the playbook for continued success long after their time with us.

I remember opening the survey up and looking at Mike Alessi, COO of Stronger U, and saying “Holy crap. Do you see this? People came to us to improve their nutrition and we gave them a better life. What we think is happening is happening.” 

I cannot take credit for this, though. SU is one of those companies where everyone is involved. Every member, every team member, every family member is playing a part in these changes and I think that’s why it’s working so well.

All that happiness stuff I ramble about. Here it is. Black and white, clear as day. We are doing it together and making people better in every way. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what impact Stronger U could have made when I started it, but I’m glad I did.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. This data is showing what can happen when you join Stronger U. While you may come to us with a weight loss or performance goal in mind, we aim to ensure you leave with much more than that. We want to use your initial goals as a launching pad towards improving your overall wellness. Stronger U isn’t just a way to lose weight, we are truly a happiness company.

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