Stronger U Success: Jen’s 35lb Weight Loss Amid Juggling Motherhood and Business

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Meet Jen: a mom, wife, and small business owner who joined Stronger U with the goal of losing weight and changing her habits to set an example of health for her children. She was tired of taking the backseat to her life. Instead of joyfully posing for photos with her children, she offered to take the photos so she could avoid being in them. She’d wear baggy clothes and use food to cope with the stressors of running her small business while simultaneously juggling a busy life. It wasn’t until Jen realized that she wanted to lead by example that she understood that she needed to take control of her nutrition to change her life. 

Enter Stronger U. Over three sessions, she achieved and exceeded her weight loss goal, losing 35 pounds with the support and accountability of her coaches, Jeannie, Amelia, and Candace. More importantly, she shed limitations, completely rewired her approach to nourishing her body, and transformed her mindset. Addressing perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, and emotional eating became the keys to her success. Over time, she has fine-tuned her ability to sit in discomfort, approaching some of her behaviors with a newfound determination.  

The shift in mindset allowed her to break free from the cycle of extremes, leading to a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Embracing imperfection and learning to navigate the nuances of maintaining a balanced lifestyle were the non-scale victories that truly mattered. 

Another important mindset shift for Jen includes allowing herself to enjoy food again while having a balanced, fulfilling life without deprivation. One of her favorite foods? A hot, fresh apple cider doughnut that she’d historically deprived herself of in the past because she was trying to lose weight. Learning how to enjoy her favorite foods in moderation highlighted some of the freedom she feels with Stronger U’s approach. It was striking the balance of incorporating the doughnuts into her plan that has made her lifestyle sustainable and allowed her to remain consistent despite living a busy life. 

While Jen’s free time is limited, she has grown to understand the importance of carving out moments throughout her day to take care of herself. These small pockets of self-care have improved her self-confidence beyond her physical changes. “Nutrition and exercise have been interests of mine for longer than I can remember, but my relationship has not always been healthy. Eating disorders, over-exercising, weight cycling, emotional eating – I often felt out of control. Now I am embracing ALL foods, removing the stigma of good vs. bad foods, not turning to food to drown out my emotions, and exercising for health instead of purely burning calories” Jen explains. 

Jen now works with Coach Candace on the next phase of her journey: Maintenance. Together, they are navigating these new waters of maintaining her weight loss without needing to constantly diet. Jen attributes all her success to the changes in her mindset, the work she’s done with each of her Stronger U Coaches, and the support of the Stronger U Community. The Stronger U Community Facebook group became a daily source of encouragement, reinforcing the sense of community and shared goals. 

Stronger U Coaches help members like Jen daily to reach their goals, find balance, and live happier, healthier lives. With personalized nutrition coaching, evidence-based nutrition behavior change methodologies, and a community of Stronger U members, we’re ready to help you reach your goals. Become a member today.  

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