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Too busy to [self] care? 

 On this latest Episode of Stronger U Radio, Coach Sinan Ozyemisci and Stronger U member and Fox 5 New York Reporter Raegan Medgie sat down to discuss how to overcome the fear of being too busy – something many of us can relate to. A few years ago, Raegan’s hectic schedule presented challenges with keeping up with her health goals; that’s when she learned about Stronger U and Sinan through a friend. She decided to reach out to Sinan directly via Instagram, and after their initial introduction, she signed up as a Stronger U member, with him as her coach. This was the beginning of a great friendship that grew from nutrition but has flowed into other aspects of her life. During this lively conversation, you’ll get a front-row seat to the benefits of working with a Stronger U Coach, even when time is limited.  

 Sinan and Raegan candidly chat about some top tips on how to navigate a hectic schedule without throwing in the towel and how to continue to apply these tips consistently for long-term success. Raegan shares her favorite on-the-go snacks, non-negotiables, and daily habits. She admits that although they require effort, time, and preparation, she considers them part of her routine. She dishes on her favorite “treat” and why it’s essential to enjoy the things you love and give yourself grace from perfection.  

 You’ll also hear about the following: 

  • How Stronger U’s mission to educate our members creates a ripple effect 
  • The incredible value of coach accountability 
  • How mini-challenges can reinvigorate motivation 

This episode is packed with lightheartedness, humor, and straightforward wisdom that can be applied universally. We promise that squeezing time into your schedule to give this a listen will be well worth it. 

Listen here! 


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