Sometimes All We Need To Do Is Think

Nick Sorrell

Coach's Corner

We all have bad habits.

Things we do every single day (probably multiple times a day) that we simply cannot help but do — no matter how detrimental.

Maybe it’s excessive snacking when you know you truly want to lose weight. Maybe it’s creeping on your ex’s social media even though you know it’ll just mess with your head.

Or maybe it’s spending money on things you don’t need to give you some kind of rush you’ve grown to crave.

Whatever it is, we’ve all got them.

And even though you acknowledge that fact (unless you don’t, which is another post – I think) we all struggle when that craving settles in.

When you notice the bag of chips in your pantry. When you see your ex’s name pop up on your feed. When your friend asks you to hit the mall with them.

When that happens, we’re goners.

It’s either:

• Go through the uncomfortable process of making a mistake or turning down something we want.


• Jump right into things before you give yourself a chance to be uncomfortable and think.

And what do we do?

Well, of course, we close our eyes and just jump.

Why is that?
Are we that out of control?
What’s wrong with us?

Here’s the thing:

Doing things that matter — however trivial and despite what you’re told — is, in fact, incredibly hard.

Dieting is not easy.
Addictions are crippling.
And breakups suck.

And that’s why there so many people who stay overweight, obsessed and debilitated.



That’s some mean stuff to say, right?

Maybe. But it’s also completely true.

So, I want you to take a second to think (you know, that thing you avoid before making a mistake).

Think about your bad habits.
Think about where they’ll lead.
Think about who that’ll make you.

And then think about how that’ll make you feel.

Seriously. Think about it.

Did you do it?

Good. Scary, right?

It’s time to start thinking.

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