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Quick facts: 

  • Name: Debbie L. 
  • Age: 65 
  • Weight Lost: 36 lbs. 
  • Coach: Candace Reed 
  • Biggest takeaway: The importance of making good food choices and better control over her eating habits 
  • Fun fact: She used to have a candy bar (or 2) for an afternoon treat but now prefers to enjoy a cup of fresh blueberries 

Before Stronger U, Debbie felt trapped in a weight roller coaster, unable to sustain progress. She believed thin people were simply lucky, attributing her struggles to a “bad metabolism.” At 65 years old, she decided it was time to make some changes in her life and break free from the ups and downs of weight loss and weight gain. Debbie joined Stronger U with a singular goal: rapid weight loss. However, her goal began to evolve as she learned more about nutrition and habits. “It isn’t just about losing weight; it’s learning how to eat and make good choices. My process has changed my life and thinking,” she shares. With Coach Candace’s guidance, she achieved incredible success—shedding 36 pounds and transforming her relationship with food and health. Her story isn’t just about weight loss. It’s also about empowerment, self-discovery, and newfound control. 

Navigating the ups and downs of her journey wasn’t solitary; Debbie credits Coach Candace for her immense support. Candace’s guidance, from menu discussions to motivation for daily exercise, proved invaluable. With her help, Debbie learned to balance indulgence with conscious choices. She began valuing nutritious options over empty calories although, Debbie says, she always found a way to fit in a candy bar or bag of chips if she really wanted one. Debbie received support not only from her personal coach but also from the Stronger U Community. There, she found recipes, friends with shared experiences, and encouragement.  

Throughout her transformation, Debbie encountered challenges. At first, she struggled with the idea of logging her food. It was a task that seemed tedious and constant, especially for someone who had never done it before. However, the more she logged her food, the more she learned about what she was eating. She says, “I was amazed at how fast those carbs and calories add up in a day if you don’t pre-plan.” Her newfound consciousness extended to socializing, where she became mindful of added calories in drinks and meals out. She began looking at the menu and even discussing it with Coach Candace ahead of the event to create a plan that wouldn’t stray from her goals. Sometimes, she’d even bring her own preferred salad dressing! Another challenge? Debbie found herself often using food for comfort. This was a problem she tackled head-on at the suggestion of Coach Candace. She says, “I’m much more aware of when I get bored and want to eat. Now, I’ll divert my mind by taking a short walk or starting a project.” 

Debbie attributes her incredible 36-pound weight loss to the guidance of Coach Candace and the invaluable support she found within the Stronger U Community. Her achievements extended far beyond the numbers on the scale, revealing a profound psychological transformation. She realized that having the body she wanted required work. She emphasizes, “I quit making excuses and learned the worth of the fight. The better I do, the more I want it.” Furthermore, she expresses a newfound self-assurance: “I have so much more confidence in myself. I no longer hate having a picture taken or getting up in front of people.” 

Reflecting on her journey, Debbie acknowledges significant mindset shifts. Her food choices evolved, favoring healthier options, and she became profoundly aware of what she eats and its impact. Her advice to aspiring Stronger U members? She says, “Go for it!! I am so happy that I made the journey with Stronger U. I appreciate all the coaches and all that they do. Everyone is super supportive, very knowledgeable, and very good at what they do.” 

As Debbie says, “Go for it!” and schedule a free consultation with a Stronger U Coach today.  

Su Member Spotlight Jade Mid Debbie Lefebvre2

A note from Coach Candace:

Have you ever met someone that you instantly adored? That is DEBBIE!!! So many things I could say about this amazing person! Debbie has been wonderful to coach. In fact, I have had her for multiple sessions, and although her goals were a bit different each time, she always had a willingness to learn and work hard, all while having a great time and enjoying life in her many travels and adventures. Debbie’s ability to plan ahead and stay organized, paired with her open communication to me as her coach, really presented just the absolute best results. Debbie you are a GEM!


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