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Are you stumped on how you can fit Stronger U into your life? We get it! These posts are bursting with information from real-life Stronger U members and how they use Stronger U coaches to help them reach their goals! Use these posts to see how somebody else fits Stronger U into their lives and let it inspire you on your own journey.


While every member has different goals, macros, and results, what you do with your journey is so much more than a number on a scale. It’s a perfect culmination of habit building, hard work, and improving your health!


This month we’re thrilled to feature Stronger U member Brian W. Brian is an officer in the Marines who used Stronger U to lose weight, build endurance, and increase his overall athletic ability. He balanced his meals while working in the desert with no refrigerator and has sustained his 20 pound weight loss. He now is working on increasing his overall strength to more easily transport heavy loads over great distances.  Are you in the military curious about how Stronger U could fit into your life? Brian shows us how he has used Stronger U to become a better officer, soldier, and husband. Read more below!

About Me: 

  • Name: Brian W.
  • Age: 37
  • Location: Leavenworth, KS
  • Occupation: Military Officer
  • Cut? Bulk? Maintenance? Cut to Maintenance
  • Coach: Billy Phipps
  • Total Weight Loss to Date (with SU): 20 pounds

My Daily Log: 

  • The May logs are from overnight training in a field environment. It took some work (and the benefit of having a tactical vehicle at my disposal), but the macros happened in a less than ideal situation. If you doubt the ability to make meal planning work for you, just know that the week shown was seven days in the middle of the California desert without a refrigerator.

  • The September logs are from my current assignment at a schoolhouse. It has made it easier to meal prep. My wife and I enjoy going on date nights every week. We come up with a general plan to make our macros work for us. It typically means that we go light early in the day, then enjoy the evening. We don’t always follow the plan, but Stronger U has taught us how to make better decisions with our menu choices.

My Story: 

  • Before Stronger U, my meals involved whatever I could get my hands on. I was in a geo-bachelor assignment at the time, which meant I was basically living in a hotel room without a kitchen. I would occasionally eat healthy at Subway from time-to-time. Most of the time I ate high carb/high protein meals well above my eventual macros. There were several days I ate fast food though. I would rationalize it by just getting chicken tenders instead of a burger. The amount of fat I consumed was at least double my macros now.
  • I wanted to lose weight because I looked in the mirror one day and realized I was a poor example of how an officer should look in a uniform. I have been successful in that regard. The added benefits have been even more important. I have more energy throughout the day now. Given the hours that I work, that energy is necessary. Additionally, my physical performance has significantly increased. Both my endurance and speed have improved. My recent physical training evaluation scores were well above average, even for personnel ten years younger than me.

  • My current assignment has me working 18-hour days at least four days a week. Being up that long means I want to snack more. I must make a deliberate effort to space out my eating over that period. It is difficult. I don’t always succeed. Another hurdle is the fact that having a night cap to wrap up a long day is something I enjoy. I know I pay for it the next weigh-in, but I make the room in my macros. It isn’t ideal, but Stronger U has taught me accountability with it.

My Goals: 

  • Stronger U has helped me achieve my initial goal of getting my nutrition in the right place for improving my athletic performance. I am now at a point where we are discussing adding some healthy weight back. My job is physically demanding beyond basic cardio. I must be able to carry ~100lbs for an extended distance in a limited timeframe. The weight loss has improved how my joints recover, but now Billy is going to help me add on some muscle to make it a little easier to carry the literal weight of my job.

Fast Five: 

Favorite Drink-Dirty Chai Latte – Prior to Stronger U, I had at least one at Starbucks every day. It was a difficult realization that one drink took up a third of my daily carbs. Now, I make it at home with Fairlife non-fat milk, Nespresso, and home-brewed Chai for a lot fewer carbs (and at a pretty substantial cost and time savings)

Favorite Protein-It might not be my favorite, but I eat more grilled chicken now.

Favorite Song- Everyday – Dave Matthews Band

Favorite way to spend five extra minutes-I would spend it with my wife without worrying about work.

Favorite SU quote My favorite quote is any statement that Billy makes about the “basement” of my check-in.


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