Liz’s Road to Conquering 500 Miles with Stronger U 

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Quick facts: 

  • Name: Liz B. 
  • Age: 38 
  • Weight Lost: 20 pounds 
  • Hobbies: Walking, hiking, cycling, hosting social events 
  • Coach: Jamie Tuttle 
  • Fun fact: She completed a 484-mile walk on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. 

From the age of 5, Liz found herself on a diet after a pediatrician labeled her as overweight. That marked the beginning of her lifelong struggle — a constant fight against scales and diets. Finally, at 38, Liz set out on a mission to liberate herself from the cycle that had bound her to weight battles and low self-confidence since childhood. Her journey, however, wasn’t just about numbers on a scale; it was about regaining confidence, strength, and pursuing goals she’d held on to for over twenty years. 

For Liz, it wasn’t a singular moment that prompted change but a series of instances where her weight became a barrier to her desired confidence and freedom. Her biggest goal? Liz knew she wanted to walk the nearly 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain, but she wasn’t in the best shape to make the trek. Determined to end her weight struggles for good and complete the pilgrimage, Liz lost 45 pounds on her own over five years. However, her weight plateaued. Knowing she still had a way to go until she’d be comfortable and confident in her ability to complete the Camino de Santiago, she reached out to Stronger U for help. She thought working with a coach would help her break the plateau and lose weight more quickly than she could on her own. 

After completing her Stronger U intake form, Liz was matched with Coach Jamie, and the rest was history! Jamie’s unconditional support was exactly what Liz needed to quickly drop the last 20 stubborn pounds and hit her weight-loss goal. She says, “When I hadn’t been ‘perfect,’ I always expected my coach to ‘scold’ me, and I was always surprised when she didn’t. Then, I realized that my method of beating myself up had never been effective. Jamie helped me see there weren’t ‘bad’ weeks, but opportunities for reflection and improvement for the future.” Jamie’s guidance shifted Liz’s perspective, transforming moments of self-critique into opportunities for reflection and progress. 

Liz’s time with Stronger U and Coach Jamie changed Liz’s perspective on success and reshaped her relationship with food completely. “I’ve learned to focus on how the foods I eat will make me feel,” she shared, “I’ve realized that how I feel is more important than exactly what the number [on the scale] says. I want to feel healthy and strong.” During her journey, Liz understood the importance of balanced macronutrients and how they fueled her favorite activities. It wasn’t just about the numbers on the scale for her; it was about reaching her goals while feeling fantastic and enjoying life along the way. One shocking discovery for Liz was that she didn’t need to cut out all ‘junk food’ to reach her goals and was able to enjoy Gluten-Free Oreos every single day. Some days, she could fit three into her macros, and other days, only one, but she enjoyed at least one every day! 

Even though she was always able to enjoy her favorite Oreos, balancing life’s demands while pursuing fitness and nutrition goals still posed challenges for Liz. Weekends, holidays, and social events tested her resolve, but Liz strategized with the Stronger U Social Planner and set non-negotiables. She says, “Maintaining my non-negotiables — hitting my protein goal, staying hydrated, and getting in at least 7,000 steps per day- was key.” By working through the social planner with Coach Jamie, Liz could decide which events were most important to her and which events might not require food or drinks to be enjoyed. Liz also made changes, like hosting events when she could, allowing her to control the menu. When a friend asked her to meet for drinks, Liz often suggested meeting for a walk or hike instead. She never felt like she needed to sacrifice her social life to meet her goals. She just needed to reimagine it and approach it with her goals in mind. 

Liz’s journey with Stronger U isn’t just a story of numbers; it’s a celebration of reclaiming strength, confidence, and embracing life’s possibilities one step, one non-negotiable, and one Gluten-Free Oreo at a time. Reflecting on her transformation, Liz says, “I have so much more confidence now. I completed a goal I’d had for almost 20 years- to walk the Camino de Santiago.” This feat, coupled with a subsequent 40-mile bike ride, proved her strength to herself and dispelled long-held beliefs of weakness and inability. Liz firmly believes that she has ended her lifelong struggle with weight and self-criticism. Her advice to others considering Stronger U? “Just give it a try!” 

Do you have a goal you could use support in reaching? Schedule a free consultation with a Coach Concierge to learn how a Stronger U Coach can provide the guidance, expertise, and accountability to help you break through plateaus and achieve your biggest ambition.  

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Note From Coach Jamie: 

“So much to say about Liz!

One of the first things Liz ever said to me was that she wanted to feel proud of herself.  So many things to feel proud of in our time together!!  

Liz is a teacher who loves what she does and shares my affection for cats. ♥️ She was committed to prioritizing movement right from the start because she was training for the Camino de Santiago; and she did it!  500+ miles in a little over a month! Woah!

Not only did she achieve this great feat, but she lost weight and improved her health markers (lower blood pressure AND cholesterol!!).  Liz was an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m so proud of the work she put in!  Way to go, Liz!!!

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