Tell us a little bit about yourself!:
I am a busy wife, Mom and Realtor!

What did your life look like before Stronger U?:
I felt like I was eating right…a Wendy’s grilled chicken salad in the car during my days, less protein at night to “keep it light” and low carb and fat. And when I was eating out, all rules were broken, and ALL the food was eaten. I knew enough about food from doing Diet Center in college. I thought I was eating enough protein, fat and carbs. Turns out I had no clue what my body needed. I worked out daily since 7th grade, changing it up when the trends came around. I was always active, traveling, and walking. I felt OK but was starting to not sleep at night and felt like I was in a rut.

What does your life look like now?:
I am in control of the food! When I started, I was STUFFED. I was not eating enough previously. I slept through the night. My workouts actually started to show results! I am just as active, and my weight-training workouts show now! I feel like…I can put on anything in my closet. I can travel with 3 outfits and not bring loose clothing. I know how to estimate the food I can eat and MAINTAIN!

Why do you think Stronger U worked so well for you compared to other programs or diets?:
To have a coach to talk to or complain to or challenge you is the best. I had no clue why I was weighing all my food. And why I was so FULL all the time. Then when shifts happened, I would get a message from coach Michelle. It was time to make a move, and she would tell me WHY and what to expect on the scale, in my daily routine and how it will all come to a winning end for me.

What was something you regularly ate while on Stronger U that people wouldn’t expect you to eat on a diet?:

How much weight did you lose with Stronger U?:

How many inches did you lose off your waist?:

Did you have any favorite non-scale victories to share?:
When I went on Spring Break with my family and friends, I ate everything I wanted to, while sticking around what I should eat. With all the walking I did, I maintained that week. It was so eye-opening!

Has Stronger U positively impacted you professionally?:
Yes! I have clients notice my weight loss and many of them think that is a sign of commitment, focus and strength. You want a committed, focused, strong Realtor to sell your home!

Has Stronger U improved your overall health? If so, how?:
Yes, my cholesterol dropped!

If someone is thinking about joining Stronger U, what advice would you give them before beginning their journey?:
To trust the journey, especially at the beginning.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your journey?:
My coach Michelle Waranoski is just the best. She was there to help me, listen and PUSH me. I was not sure how I would get through an RV trip, and she helped me plan it out. She asked me what I was going to bring, where would I shop for fresh lettuce and then checked on me!

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