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What’s better than personalized nutrition coaching? Personalized nutrition coaching at your fingertips. The Stronger U App was created to enhance your 1:1 coaching experience. Through working with tens of thousands of members, collecting feedback, and using evidence-based tools, our team of experts has leveled up the Stronger U App to put you and your coach at the heart of your app experience. Along with a new look, coaches can now provide members with even more personalization. We’re serving up a sleeker and easier-to-navigate innovative design that brings new and updated features, including a tailored-to-you interactive log powered by your coach to drive your best results.   

What You Can Expect from the NEW Stronger U App  

Upgraded central hub for messages, daily logging, and nutrition education 

Your time is valuable, so when you open your Stronger U App, you’ll immediately land on the Home tab that houses the features you’ll most likely use on a regular basis. Quicker and more direct access equals less clicks and less time spent scrolling for what you need so you can focus on what matters.  

  • See your coach’s latest message and easily reply 
  • Access your customized log and check-in from one place 
  • Accelerate results with practical advice on specific topics with categorized science-backed content and resources 

New dedicated space for all coach communication 

Our coaches are known to drop some pretty epic advice and words of wisdom. The new Coach tab makes it super easy to view previous coach messages, review past check-ins by date, know more about your coach, and message them from anywhere at any time.  

  • Easily refer to past check-ins and coach feedback 
  • Learn more about your coach, their experience, and their personality 
  • Message your coach any time and view past conversations 

Tailored-to-you interactive log 

When we say personalization, we mean it. The new Stronger U log is now completely customizable to meet your needs and help you hit your goals. You and your coach work together to determine what log components you’ll be tracking.  

  • View your personalized macronutrient plan 
  • Log your food with fewer clicks in the largest RD-verified nutrition database 
  • Track custom lifestyle components for overall wellbeing 
  • Flexibility to re-prioritize your focus areas as your goals transition 

Enhanced check-in experience 

Accountability is proven to work! Pair it with expert guidance and you’ve got two main components that make a Stronger U check-in so effective. The NEW Stronger U Check-In has newly formatted questions to help you reflect, review and reprioritize your action-steps for the coming week and is followed up by coach recommendations for success.  

  • Receive weekly coach feedback in an easy-to-read format, including sections on recommended articles and videos for consistent accountability 
  • Answer questions that better identify your challenges and strengths 

More analytics & insights to your progress 

Track results to get results! See your progress over time based on daily tracking of important lifestyle components. Graphs show progress, fluctuations and other notable insights for weight, waist measurements, water intake, sleep, steps, alcohol, and meals out. 

Instant access to your personal hype squad 

The Stronger U members-only community is like no other. There, you can connect with others on a similar journey, find recipes and meal ideas, give and get virtual high-fives and get tips from other members and coaches. Via your app, you can connect with the Stronger U community in one easy click.  

Ready to experience the most comprehensive nutrition program rooted in research, powered by coaches and supported by technology? Get started now or chat with our Member Experience Team to have your questions answered.  

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