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Quick facts: 

  • Name: Jodi R. 
  • Age: 53 
  • Weight Lost: 60 pounds and 11 inches off her waist 
  • Hobbies: Fitness enthusiast with multiple certifications (personal training, spin/cycling, Pilates), meditation  
  • Coach: Jamie Tuttle 

Jodi Richard’s path to transformation and wellness with Stronger U is a remarkable journey of self-discovery and resilience. At 53 years old, she navigated through a demanding career in the software and technology industry and was the proud mother of a successful 28-year-old. However, her health had taken a backseat as she found herself at a crossroads. In 2021, coming out of the pandemic, Jodi weighed nearly 250 pounds and worked tirelessly in a high-stress job that demanded 80-100 hour workweeks. To cope, she resorted to energy drinks, and the toll on her body was evident. With menopause adding to the mix, she became worried about her future health.  

This moment of realization and fear was the catalyst for her journey towards health, self-care, and overall wellness. Her first step was setting her alarm for 4:30 a.m. and committing to a 5 a.m. gym routine. Starting with basic bodyweight movements to increase her flexibility, joint mobility, and strength, Jodi embarked on a path to reclaim her health. In a few months, she shed 15 pounds and started feeling better. Her gym companions, initially strangers, became a supportive brotherhood and sisterhood that motivated her to keep going. Jodi’s weekly routine now revolves around a balanced mix of strength training, yoga, Pilates, and active recovery. Daily stretching and mobility work have become essential parts of her self-care ritual. She also dedicates time to meditation each night before bed. 

As her journey progressed, she recognized the need to focus on nutrition, too. Jodi returned to Stronger U, a program where she had previously experienced success. Her coach, Jamie Tuttle, became the driving force behind her incredible transformation. Jamie’s exceptional coaching provided the support and motivation Jodi needed. When it comes to Coach Jamie, Jodi says, “She was supportive, focused in on my goals to not just lose weight but to be strong, fit and just overall feel good.  She cheered me on when I had successes and patiently guided me through my fits when the scale wouldn’t budge.” 

The Stronger U program once again played a significant role in Jodi’s success. It introduced her to a culture of accountability, making tracking an integral part of her daily life. The program’s flexibility allowed her to enjoy a variety of foods while still achieving remarkable results. What makes Stronger U stand out for Jodi is its lack of gimmicks. She’s eating more carbs than a typical “diet” but is still seeing significant results. Jodi’s journey defied conventional diet expectations: Because Stronger U is rooted in a flexible approach, she’s able to balance her meals to include several indulgent treats like cannolis, wine, and homemade potato chips while steadily working toward her weight loss goals. The program’s new food log has made tracking and planning meals more convenient than ever.  

Beyond the numbers on the scale, Jodi’s journey is filled with non-scale victories. Every week, she achieves personal bests in the gym, lifting heavier weights than ever before. Her closet now houses clothes that no longer fit, a testament to her physical transformation. Professionally, Stronger U has empowered Jodi to prioritize her health. She’s established boundaries at work, ensuring she has time for her workouts, walks, and moments of relaxation. This newfound balance has made her a more composed and effective co-worker. Jodi’s overall health has undergone a profound improvement. Over two years, she’s lost over 60 pounds and reduced her waistline by 11 inches. With each passing day, she feels better than she has in years, setting new fitness milestones consistently. Her mindset shift is truly remarkable, too. She now prioritizes self-love and wellness above weight loss. Jodi says, “Some days I have zero motivation and just want to sleep in, but I just tell myself that this is not what I do anymore. What I do now is get up and get moving and focus on how good I am feeling overall. This is who I am now, and this is what I do.” 

To those considering joining Stronger U, Jodi offers valuable advice: start with small steps, be persistent even in the face of challenges, and track everything. Don’t be afraid to set a big goal but be open to smaller stepping-stone goals along the way, too. The journey may have its difficult moments, but the destination is worth every bit of effort. Start your journey today!  

A note from Coach Jamie:  

Jodi is an all-around amazing person who set goals for herself and is seeing them through!  She’s kind, funny, and SO strong!  She works hard (in her career AND on her health goals) and even during some of the most difficult times at work (think biggest project EVER), she never let her focus on her personal goals fall away. We’ve done weight loss phases, and she’s used some of her busier times to focus on maintenance and has been really open to adjusting and trying new things!  During times when she wasn’t seeing the progress she wanted, she stayed the course, and it’s always come back around for her because of her stellar consistency with nutrition and exercise!  She’s still enjoyed vacation, meals out, and time with family and friends. She’s solid when it comes to the idea of balance and considering when indulging is worth it to her!  No doubt in my mind that she’s will get where she wants to be and then live that maintenance life!  I’m grateful that I’ve gotten to know her and couldn’t be more proud of the work she’s done! Friends for life right here! -Coach Jamie 

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