Su Member Spotlight Ink Michelle Andreassen

Quick facts: 

  • Name: Michelle A. 
  • Age: 30 
  • Weight Lost: 45 lbs. 
  • Hobbies: Hiking, skydiving, weightlifting, and trying new activities with her husband 
  • Coach: Miranda Olivas 
  • Fun fact: Michelle’s strength has significantly increased; her one rep max for the Romanian Deadlift (RDL) went from 84 lbs to 149 lbs 

Before discovering Stronger U, Michelle had shed 45 pounds with another program. However, life’s routines brought back old habits and the weight she had fought to lose. Realizing the temporary nature of her previous approach, Michelle acknowledged the need for lasting change. Initially, shifting her focus from cardio to weight training was a step, but she soon hit a roadblock regarding managing her nutrition. Protein became a priority, but understanding the quantity she needed based on her TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) felt like decoding a foreign language. Generic online nutrition calculators didn’t earn her trust either. She sought a solution, longing for habits that would last, not just offer quick fixes like she had experienced before. Her motive was clear: “I’m not just doing this for the 30-year-old me; I’m doing this for the 70-year-old me who still wants to hike, camp, and travel. I’ve been really focused on longevity and health span.”  

Then came Stronger U. Michelle signed up and was paired with Coach Miranda, who became her unwavering support, cheering her on and celebrating every milestone. Michelle says, “Miranda has been the most INCREDIBLE support. I feel like she gets even more excited for my changes than I do!” The Stronger U community became one of her most frequented places- she found it a welcoming and inclusive environment for members to share their wins and losses without judgment. Michelle found support, recipe inspiration, and new friends with similar interests and goals. She is consistently one of the most active members, always supporting others, encouraging, and sharing her recipe finds.  

Throughout her time with Stronger U, Michelle learned it wasn’t just about eating less but learning to eat better. Her biggest takeaway? She says, “There isn’t a single food that’s “bad,” and it is about everything in moderation.” She was able to lose weight while still enjoying the foods she loved- especially carbs and even including Girl Scout cookies and ice cream. Sometimes, Michelle needed to get creative; she couldn’t always fit store-bought ice cream into her macros, so she learned how to make her high-protein ice creams at home. Not having to cut out her favorite foods made the Stronger U program sustainable for her.   

With Coach Miranda’s help, Michelle lost all the weight she had previously regained successfully (and more) and experienced numerous non-scale victories (NSVs). She says, “The NSVs have been way more fun than watching the scale go down.” Some of her highlights include hiking 40 miles through Banff and Glacier National Parks with her husband, going skydiving for the first time, wearing pants a size smaller than she wore even in high school, sitting comfortably in the middle seat of an airplane, and even increasing her one-rep-max for her Romanian Deadlift from 84 lbs to 149 lbs!

As for the holidays, they used to be a feast beyond limits- overeating, endless wine, and guilt-laden days after. But now, it’s about balance for Michelle. She can enjoy them fully and avoid the guilt by strategizing with her coach ahead of time to enjoy the holiday but leave it at the table, not in the leftovers. She says, “Before Stronger U, I used to feel a TON of guilt after a holiday, but now I look at it as 1 or 2 out of 1,095 meals of the year. It’s certainly not going to break my progress.”   

Michelle’s journey is taking an exciting turn moving forward. Embracing a broader perspective on health, she says, “Health is more than a number on the scale! I’m not as focused on losing weight anymore as much as I am on body re-composition. I’ve learned more from my coach being in maintenance than I ever learned while in a calorie deficit.” A new chapter awaits Michelle- a step into a calorie surplus, a notion that once seemed daunting to a lifelong “dieter.” She says, “I am SO excited to partner with my coach in building muscle. I want to be STRONG, not necessarily thin.” Michelle has shifted her focus beyond the numbers on a scale; her aspirations now center around becoming the best version of herself and adopting a holistic approach to wellness. 

When we asked Michelle if she had any advice for someone considering Stronger U, she said, “Your journey is yours, and yours alone! It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you go. Make sustainable changes you can live with forever. Your health is an investment in your future self; be patient and kind to yourself.” Schedule a free consultation today to learn how Stronger U can help you sustainably change your life, too! 

A Note from Coach Miranda: 

Michelle has been such an incredible woman to coach! She has been on a journey to finding a healthy work-life balance prioritizing her health, self-care, and relationships, all while pursuing her goals. When we started, she told me, “I can still be a kick-ass professional without killing myself in the process.” And she has proven that many times over! 

Michelle has been amazing with trusting me to guide her nutritionally, especially through maintenance periods, and now on to muscle building. With the right macros and her Tonal workouts, she will continue to meet every goal she sets. I love receiving her weekly check-ins and catching up on the traveling adventures she shares with her husband and adorable little doggo.

Su Member Spotlight Ink Michelle Andreassen2


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