Su Member Spotlight Jade Mid Ary Neuwirth

Quick Facts: 

  • Name: Ary N. 
  • Age: 40  
  • Weight Lost: 17 lbs. 
  • Coach: Billy Phipps  
  • Favorite food: Greek Yogurt is the best dessert! Packed with protein and no fat! 

Losing weight can be challenging, especially when you feel like you’ve tried everything and are doing all the seemingly “right” things. But, with expert guidance and a customized approach for you, you can break plateaus and achieve the goals you didn’t think possible.  

Meet Ary: A Stronger U member and IRONMAN, who is a prime example of why having a coach who takes a personalized approach can be the key to unlocking your greatest potential.  

Ary’s initial motivation for making a change stemmed from the frustration of feeling stuck in her weight loss journey, despite her dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. As she approached her 40s, she realized that the strategies she relied on in the past were no longer serving her in a positive way. While competing in IRONMAN, she noticed a significant weight increase by race day, unlike other years. Following an approach of long fasting periods and consuming minimal carbohydrates negatively impacted her performance and left her feeling tired, discouraged, and disheartened. She realized she needed more support and a tailored approach aligned with her unique journey, activity level, and lifestyle.  

Enter Stronger U and Coach Billy – a triathlete himself! 

With Coach Billy’s help, guidance, and a customized approach to her nutrition and fitness, Ary confronted challenges head-on. Despite initial difficulties in balancing her social life, she shifted her mindset to refocus on her goals and celebrated every milestone along the way. She shared, “Once I started seeing positive results, all the previous difficulties seemed insignificant. This allowed me to maintain my focus and achieve significant weight loss during the holiday season.” 

Over her time with Stronger U, Ary has lost 17 pounds and experienced numerous non-scale victories, from changes in her body composition to decreased hunger and increased strength during workouts. More importantly, Ary’s transformation extended beyond physical changes; it revitalized her confidence, strengthened her relationships, and enhanced her overall well-being. 

Learning about macros with Stronger U opened her eyes to sustainable energy levels and empowered her to make informed choices about her diet every day. Ary’s relationship with food also underwent a positive transformation, as she now embraces carbs without fear, experiencing newfound freedom and enjoyment in her meals. 

She also found essential support from her coach and a trusted friend who recommended the program. Their encouragement, coupled with Ary’s determination, propelled her towards success. Her advice to anyone considering joining Stronger U is simple: Just do it! Trust the process, celebrate every victory, and find joy in the journey. And if you’re looking for a coach to make the experience fun and impactful, Ary recommends Coach Billy without hesitation. 

Ary’s story is a reminder that with the proper guidance, mindset, and support system, transformation is not only achievable but also empowering. Our member success arsenal is filled with hundreds of stories like Ary’s from people who decided to take the first step towards reclaiming control of their health and emerging stronger than ever before.  

Are you next?  

Schedule a free membership consultation with our team to learn more about how personalized expertise from a dedicated Stronger U Coach can be the puzzle piece you’ve been missing.  

A note from Coach Billy: 

Ary is a shining example of kindness, receptiveness to coaching, motivation, and drive all wrapped up into one incredible individual. She is driven to be better physically and has been all in since day one! Because of that, she’s had incredible success in her training and transformation. I’m truly lucky to know her and to coach her.

Su Member Spotlight Jade Mid Ary Neuwirth2

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