We are entering the busy season of holidays, gatherings, parties, and over-committed schedules. This also adds pressure in many areas of life and managing real versus ideal expectations. This is an especially important season to be aware of the concept of “dichotomous thinking” and how it may impact your success and overall well-being.

Dichotomous thinking, also referred to as “black or white” thinking, is defined as having a strict view of issues or ideas in an all-or-none type of fashion. In terms of food and eating behaviors, having thoughts such as “ice cream is a bad food that I can never eat” or “I am on/off my diet” are examples of this type of thinking. While setting some guardrails and limits on certain foods or specific ways of eating while trying to lose weight can be helpful, research has found that individuals with a polarized view of specific foods or ways of eating struggle with keeping the weight off. Why? It appears that when people feel things must be handled a certain way or have strict rules around food, one small mistake can cause them to throw in the towel and go completely off track.

Does this sound familiar? It’s certainly a relatable topic for many of us. We will be hosting two not-to-missed webinars in November, for which we invite you to join us!


About the Webinars

Stronger U Director of Nutrition Education, Dr. Jessica Bachman, will host two free webinars to discuss dichotomous thinking and how it may impact your long-term success.

The first webinar will be open to the public and will cover the following:

  • Overview and more in-depth definition of dichotomous thinking
  • Brief research review of dichotomous thinking’s impact on maintaining weight loss
  • Suggestions on how to start practicing a new way of thinking about food that supports long-term success

The follow-up webinar will be a Stronger U member exclusive live conversation to include:

  • Support on creating a personalized plan for how to increase the flexibility in your mindset surrounding food
  • How to handle little blips and confidently return to your healthy eating plan to sustain long-term success

Webinar #1

Topic: Intro to Dichotomous Thinking (free and open to the public)

Overview: Leave with an understanding of what dichotomous thinking is, how it may be impacting long-term success and get some tips for how to make improvements in the flexibility of your thoughts surrounding food.

Presenter: Dr. Jessica Bachman

When: Monday, Nov. 14th at 7:00 pm EST

How to Join: 

To join this free webinar, head to this link at 7:00pm EST on November 14th.

Webinar #2

Topic: Stronger U Member Exclusive Live Q&A

Overview: Learn how to apply the concepts from the webinar to your daily life and leave with a personalized action plan on how to improve the flexibility of your mindset around food for sustainable success.

Presenter: Dr. Jessica Bachman

When: Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7:00 pm EST

How to Join: Please RVSP to the event here. After verifying your membership, we will send you an email with a link to join!


About Dr. Jessica Bachman

Dr. Jess is the Director of Nutrition Education at Stronger U. Armed with almost two decades of clinical and academic experience in dietetics. Dr. Jess leads our team of coaches in implementing the Stronger U methodology to maximize members’ results while building their nutrition IQ.

Rooted in science, the Stronger U program leverages an evidence-based approach that cuts through nutrition misinformation and prioritizes fundamental nutrition education for our members.

Dr. Jess has her Ph.D. in nutrition with a concentration in Exercise Science from the University of Tennessee and is a Registered Dietitian.




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