6 Ways Social Media is Helping You Crush Your Goals

There is no shortage of information online that tells us that social media is hurting us. It’s easy to open Facebook and see some kind of keyboard battle happening and think that social media should be uninstalled on our phones. But, in many ways, social media is one of the best things for you to use to increase the success of your weight loss journey. We have compiled the top six ways that social media is helping you reach your goals, take a look to find out more!

Make Friends

Over the past few years, you might have realized that the people you know in real life don’t understand some of your personal experiences especially when it comes to weight loss. Social media allows you to meet people from all over the world and share with you in your common journeys. The global community is much larger than it was even 10 years ago, and people are more likely to find friends online who become true adversaries and confidants. 


Using social media to foster these unlikely friendships can positively impact your journey because you will have the network that you need to hit your goals. These are the people who you will message after a particularly stressful day, send pictures to celebrating success, and lean on whenever it feels too difficult. 

Pin Inspiration

Social media is a great resource for finding inspiration! The best benefit? You can ask people their thoughts on different recipes, products, and programs, and get real responses from people who are just like you. This two-way conversation can support your goals because you now have access to finding things that will help you in your journey. Need brunch recipes that’s macro-friendly? Check out Pinterest. Looking for a workout that won’t hurt your shoulder? There’s a fitness program that is right for you! Wanting to lose weight with the help of a coach? We have a great option for you! 


Social media is the perfect virtual bulletin board for everything that you need during your nutrition journey. 

Find People Who are Follow-Worthy 

Social media is filled to the brim with fantastic inspiration that will benefit your journey. Did you know that Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users!? That’s a lot of people who share your struggles, habits, preferences, and so much more. Social media should be a place that you use as a resource, and so take time to follow users who add value to your journey. This could include people who are training for similar things you’re training for. Or, people who have the same food allergies as you. Or an account that is in a similar season of life as you. There is no shortage of options on social media, so the important thing is to remember to follow people who add value to your personal journey. 

Connect with Your Community

Social media is the perfect spot to find a community that shares your interests and goals. We believe that so much, that we have an entire Facebook community dedicated to past and present Stronger U members. This community is the perfect place to ask questions, celebrate successes, and find friends who are on a Stronger U journey as well. 


Many people have all of the necessary tools to be successful with Stronger U, but they might be missing a network of support in their personal lives that will encourage them when they are feeling overwhelmed. With the support of your Stronger U coach and the SU community, you will feel ready to take on any challenge that you face. 


Celebrate Your Success

There is not enough feel-good content online, so let your successes be known to your network! You will find tons of support from friends, family, and strangers alike when you post about your successes big (and small)! Social media is a great place to share your success and find encouragement from others. 

Post Your Favorite Pictures 

Social media is a great place to chronicle your successes! Post your race-day pictures, transformations, and favorite meals. It’s exciting to share with your network the positive things that are happening in your life! 

A Few Reminders: 

Build-in Balance

We all know the biggest negative when it comes to using social media, however. Studies show that the average adult spends around 145 minutes per day on social media. Over the course of a week, that’s about 17 hours lost scrolling through your favorite social media accounts (145 minutes per day equals almost 40 days per year *gulp*). It’s true what they say, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Even if you’re only spending time on social media sites that benefit your weight loss journey, too much social media can hurt your success. It’s important to build balance into your day between time spent scrolling and time spent doing things to promote better health. Consider setting screen time limits on your phone. Use the extra time that you would’ve used scrolling to get outside for a walk or prepping meals for your next day. 

Check Up on Your Health

There is no shortage of conflict on social media, and it’s important to pay close attention to your overall health when online. By protecting your mental space, you are creating more opportunities for a healthier and happier life. Here are two tips for the next time you are triggered by something that you read on social media: 

Put down the phone and take a walk

Remove yourself from the comment, thread, or post that has upset you. Find some clarity. Don’t immediately react to what you have read. Responding while upset will only amplify your reaction and will not help you manage your stress from the situation. 

Use the tools that you have

 If you read something online that is upsetting to you, consider if it’s worth continuing to follow that person/page. The unfollow button is your friend, use it regularly to remove any unnecessary negativity from your life. The stress that social media conflict brings to our lives is not worth losing sleep over. If there is something truly important, take the conversation offline and allow yourself space from social media. 

Create Shortcuts to Reduce the Noise:

There is so much online that can take our focus away from where we get the most support. Make sure to bookmark your favorite websites, Facebook groups, and reduce the newsfeed nonsense. 


Want to learn more about the Facebook group that is helping change people’s lives? The Stronger U Facebook community is a lively space filled with Stronger U members and coaches who support, celebrate, and challenge each other to be their best selves. Find out more here!


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