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Stronger U Coach Check-Ins: The Most Powerful Tool for Your Success

One of the signature features of the Stronger U experience is the consistent check-ins with a dedicated nutrition and accountability coach–a credentialed nutrition expert. These consistent in-depth check-in assessments provide a holistic view of your progress and propel you to achieve your goals. Check-ins are designed to give your coach the insight they need to provide feedback, offer suggestions to issues you may not be aware of, and adjust your program focus and macronutrient targets as needed.  

A Whole-Person Approach 

Check-ins support nutrition-specific outcomes and various aspects of your lifestyle for overall health that can impact your physical and mental well-being. We use evidence-based behavior change methodologies to help members make healthy habits become a part of their new lifestyle long-term. In addition to nutrition, your coach may offer personalized suggestions to optimize sleep, get more movement, and reduce stress so you can feel better and live better.  

6 Tips for Maximizing Your Check-Ins 

1. Complete your daily in-app log. The metrics you choose to focus on will vary depending on the methods you decide on alongside your coach—some examples: tracked meals, water intake, lifestyle components, alcohol, exercise, steps, weight, photos, or measurements. 

2. Share your “Highs” & “Lows.” These will include nutrition-related items and information on what’s happening in your life. We want to get to know you as a whole person beyond just food!

  • Highs: Begin with the high/something positive in and outside of nutrition. What did you follow through on or accomplish this week?
  • Lows: Your challenges are important. What was hard for you this week? Talk about barriers or struggles you had. Be as specific as possible. How did you feel during and after the challenge? If you could redo the moment, what would you do differently?    

3. List one or two areas you want to work on or improve the following week. This helps you identify your barriers and sets you up to overcome them. Be specific and try to stick to no more than two things. 

4. Plan and discuss your next 2-4 weeks. Are you ready to attack those “lows” from above? Did you prepare the food items you need? Did you set up a system to help you make the hard choices easier? What’s on your calendar that your coach can help you plan for?   

5. Include a restorative activity. What FUN or extracurricular activities do you have planned for yourself?  

6. Check-in even if you didn’t log much or feel you don’t have a lot to say! Although you may not have all the data, use this as an opportunity to reflect on how you feel overallyour mood, energy levels, sleep, and your drive. Have an open dialogue with your coach about where you need additional support.  

Most importantly, focus on consistency over perfection. Regular communication with your coach when things are going well, and especially when they aren’t, is essential to receiving the personalized guidance you need from your coach to achieve your goals. The more consistently you check in, the more your coach can get to know you. The more supported you are, the more efficiently you will progress.

For more details about being a Stronger U member and to discover more ways checking in with a coach can benefit you, chat with a Member Concierge Specialist.  



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