Unveiling the Best Version of Myself: Barb’s Transformative Journey with Stronger U

Su Member Spotlight Barb Meredith1

Quick facts: 

  • Name: Barb M. 
  • Age: 60 
  • Weight Loss:  
    • 2019 (12 weeks): 9 lbs 
    • Fall of 2021-2022 (6 mos): 7 lbs 
    • Dec. 2022 – July 2023 (7 mos): 6 lbs
  • Hobbies: HIIT training and baking! 
  • Coach: Jodi Burchill 

In 2019, Barb found herself facing an unexpected challenge. Despite her efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, her weight was steadily increasing, leaving her feeling “stuck” and confused. That’s when she heard about Stronger U, a transformative program focused on nutrition and fitness. Intrigued by the success stories and feeling a kinship in her own struggle, Barb decided to embark on a journey that would change her life forever. 

Barb’s journey with Stronger U began with a simple conversation with a friend. This friend shared how her sister-in-law had achieved remarkable results with the program, even though she was already at a healthy weight. Feeling a connection to this story, as she too was seeking to halt her weight gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Barb decided to give Stronger U a shot. 

As Barb started her Stronger U journey, she encountered challenges like planning meals to align with her macro targets on MyFitnessPal (MFP). But with the guidance of her coach, Jodi, Barb quickly learned the art of meal planning and staying accountable. Week by week, she saw progress, feeling the positive impact on her body and overall well-being. 

Balancing her family, work, and social life with her fitness and nutrition goals was a concern for Barb. However, she discovered that preparing meals in advance and integrating fitness into her daily routine allowed her to strike that balance effectively. As her commitment grew, she found herself making healthier choices and inspiring those around her to do the same. 

The journey was about more than just weight loss for Barb. Through her multiple-year Stronger U journey, Barb embraced the natural ebb and flow of a wellness journey. After multiple years and sessions, Barb is a cherished long-term member of our community. Along the way, she experienced non-scale victories that transformed her life holistically. She felt more energetic, happier, and more confident in herself. Her clothes fit better, and she embraced a leaner, stronger physique that brought her joy and pride. 

Being part of the Stronger U community played a pivotal role in Barb’s journey. Knowing she was not alone and hearing success stories from others kept her motivated and focused. Coach Jodi’s guidance and encouragement were invaluable, giving her the strength to persevere through challenges. 

Through Stronger U, Barb’s perspective on health and fitness underwent a profound transformation. She gained a deeper understanding of her body, nutrition, and the power of macros. She learned that it wasn’t just about intense workouts but finding a balanced approach that worked for her. 

Barb’s relationship with food evolved as she became more mindful of her choices. She found joy in baking and indulging in her love for desserts but discovered the power of moderation. This newfound balance allowed her to enjoy food guilt-free while staying committed to her nutrition goals. 

Reflecting on her journey, Barb offers valuable advice to those considering Stronger U. She encourages them to take the leap, reminding them that the initial challenges become more manageable with time and commitment. Her story serves as an inspiration to others seeking to embrace positive change and create a vibrant, fulfilling future. 

Barb’s journey with Stronger U is a testament to the transformative power of nutrition and fitness. Through dedication, support, and a positive mindset, she achieved her goals and experienced a healthier, happier life. Her unstoppable journey reminds us that with the right tools and mindset, anyone can unleash their potential and discover their own path to wellness and self-discovery. If you’re ready to embrace a life-changing journey, let Barb’s story inspire you to take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future with Stronger U. 

 A note from Coach Jodi:  


 I have loved your journey so much.  If there’s anyone that loves learning, loves finding the positives, enjoys food and enjoys life, it’s you! You worked hard to find your balance with family, work, food, exercise and even added in workouts. Oh my gosh! It’s been soooo fun to see the strength you are building and will continue to build.  

You’re an incredible example that with a positive mindset, not rushing the process, not stressing about the scale when life happens…and life sure did happen over the years we’ve been together.  Yet you went about it with a smile.  So proud of you and soooo proud that I got to be your coach.  Thank you!! xoxo 

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