Su Member Spotlight Ink Dan Babcock

Quick Facts: 

  • Name: Dan B. 
  • Age: 50  
  • Weight Lost: 20 lbs. 
  • Coach: Billy Phipps 

In a world of overnight solutions and yo-yo dieting, Dan was stuck in that cycle and sought something different for his weight loss journey. He knew those gimmicks might work for a month, but then he’d fall back into negative patterns that would have the weight returning. Instead, he was looking for two key things regarding nutrition support: accountability and advanced nutrition knowledge.  

Stronger U offered precisely that, and he decided to jump in with both feet. 

Immediately upon joining Stronger U, he connected with Coach Billy Phipps. He shares, “We opened up and shared personal parts about both of our lives, which helped to start a deeply trusting relationship.”  

It was a perfect match, and everything was off to a positive start.  However, Dan very quickly realized that his resilience and resolve would be tested through the adversity that would soon follow.  

Just one week after optimistically joining Stronger U, Dan was in a skiing accident and ruptured his Achilles tendon. He was devastated and believed he would have to give up on pursuing goals for months. Discouraged, he told Billy that he wanted to stop the program due to the injury. However, Billy stepped in with a response that Dan says will forever be a part of his recovery story.  He simply stated, “Absolutely not! I will not let you give up just because you are going to be recovering on the couch. Let me teach you how to eat while you lay on the couch and recover.” 

Dan trusted Billy enough to agree, and the trajectory of his life was forever improved. 

Thus, his transformation began, and Dan learned to navigate nutrition while recovering from his injury and being sidelined from his usual physical activity. However, this wouldn’t be the last challenge he would need to overcome. Despite facing subsequent devastating personal hardships that rocked him to his core—his cousin’s death, the end of a relationship, and job loss—Billy’s unwavering support kept Dan on track. “ Billy was there with more compassion and support than I could have imagined. [He] held my hand and allowed me to make mistakes while keeping a longer-term focus,” Dan reflects. 

Throughout the ups and downs, Dan stayed motivated thanks to the weekly check-ins with Billy, which encouraged honesty and transparency. “When some of my check-ins lacked anything more than a statement about going through a break-up (without any food tracking or metrics,) he simply held space for my emotions. He allowed me to have rough weeks and followed up with encouragement for recovery and getting back to the program tomorrow. The support from my coach likely saved more than just my weight loss program,” Dan admitted.

His consistency through adversity paid off, seeing him to a 20-pound weight loss. 

Beyond the scale, Dan experienced profound victories. He shares, “I no longer wake up every morning with body aches and pains that at times prevented me from exercising. My skin is so clear now that even my mom is asking about a secret to my complexion. My energy and resiliency have never been this high, even through one of the toughest years of my life.” He’s also experienced profound mindset shifts. Exercise and meal planning transitioned from chores to integral parts of his routine and his relationship with food shifted from indulgence to fuel-focused eating. 

In addition to the support and guidance that Billy provided, Dan found a judgment-free space to learn, grow, and thrive within the Stronger U community.  

If you’re reading this and considering Stronger U, Dan has some sage advice: “Plan for the ups and downs but stick with it even when things get tough.” He emphasizes the importance of honesty and vulnerability with coaches, fostering a bond that breeds success. “For those scared of changing their eating habits, relax!” Dan encourages. “This team WILL transform your life beyond what you are currently imagining.” 

Dan’s story is one of the thousands of members Stronger U Coaches support daily. Schedule a free membership consultation to hear more about how the program works and what you can expect and get matched with a coach who aligns with your goals and needs. 

Su Member Spotlight Ink Dan Babcock2


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