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During our annual Stronger U Summit in Nashville, our team had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Lisa Lewis as this year’s keynote speaker for coach education in counseling and sports psychology. She’s worked in college mental health centers before opening a private practice. Dr. Lisa has been practicing counseling and psychotherapy since 2003 across a broad spectrum of mental health and wellness with a diverse range of clients, including those suffering from significant mental health disorders to high-functioning, high-achieving individuals such as athletes or executives who seek counseling or coaching for performance enhancement.  


During Dr. Lisa’s time with us, our Manager of Nutrition Education and Registered Dietitian Gianna Masi and Director of Nutrition Education Dr. Jessica Bachman, PhD, RD sat down with her to discuss the importance of behavior change stages, specifically in health and fitness. As a behavior change expert herself, she shares her own experience with her Stronger U Coach and the Stronger U App (coaches need coaches, too!). You’ll also hear a behind-the-scenes summary of what Dr. Lisa covered during her educational presentation to Stronger U coaches, which holds great tips for everyone. They touched on topics such as: 


  • The power of emotional intelligence 
  • The true source of motivation and how coaches can help you access it 
  • The importance of other aspects of health as it relates to weight loss 
  • The time investment for sustainable results 
  • How using reflection when answering questions can strengthen your coach’s ability to support you better 
  • The benefit of working with a human coach versus a bot or generalized app when it comes to addressing nuances and struggles 
  • Identifying strengths and leveraging them for behavior change 
  • The positive impacts of exercise on your brain  
  • Dr. Lisa and Dr. Jessica’s current exercise routine 


This episode brings tools and tips for both coaches and members from three highly qualified industry experts. 


Listen now!

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