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Meet Pete.

I came into this program through my Daughter. 

Life before Stronger U.

I had been following another low carb diet and successfully went from 195 lbs down to 151 lbs. I had established what I thought were great eating habits. Very little processed foods, no soda, and very little alcohol. After reaching a low weight I maintained my healthy eating habits although I felt I could eat as much as I wanted, so I had no portion control. My weight slowly started to rise back up to 168 lbs. I have to add that through all of this I still did strength exercise and ran around 30 miles a week. Since joining Stronger U and learning how to eat and what to eat my weight has dropped to a low of 138 lbs!!! On maintenance, I’m holding around 140 lbs. Never before in my life have I ever seen or known the importance of Macros. My weight loss has happened over a three-month period of cutting and another month of maintenance.

Why do you think Stronger U worked so well for you?

The program and my Coach Billy Phipps gave me a sensible approach and understanding on how to fuel the body. Although I ate healthy foods before this, I didn’t understand portion control or the importance of macros. Now? I fuel my body, eat the foods I love, like yogurt, and maintain my results.

So, what does your life look like now?

I’m much happier and have a lot more energy and stamina. I don’t deal with the old aches and pains that I used to, especially on longer runs. I know how to eat so I can perform my best. But most importantly, I understand my body more than ever.

Any favorite non-scale victories?

I’m more active, but not so I could lose weight. Because I had more energy and wanted to move more. I’m a runner, and my distances have improved along with my recovery time and PR’s.

How has your quality of life changed?

Well, I’m down 29lbs and 6 inches off of my waist. So outside of being faster on my runs and improved recovery, my clothes fit so much better. 

Shoutout corner.

My daughter who told me about the program, Alisha Herring

If someone is thinking about joining Stronger U, what advice would you give them before beginning their journey?

Trust the process and follow the program 

Any final thoughts?

Billy is a very interactive Coach. I never had to wait more than a few minutes for an answer to any of my questions. He’s been my guide during this whole journey and I’ve learned more from him about how to manage my food and training than I could’ve ever hoped.

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