The 3-3-3 Method And How It Can Help You Hit Your Goals

Mike Doehla
Founder and CEO

Food & Nutrition

If you track food or have clients track food and you/they are not seeing progress try the 3-3-3 method.

Choose 3 protein sources, 3 carbs, 3 fats. Green veggies won’t count as one of your 3 carbs, have a free for all (but still log them)


  • Protein: Egg whites, Chicken, Pork Tenderloin
  • Carbs: Sweet potatoes, Rice, Fruit (a variety is fine)
  • Fats: Olive oil, nuts, butter (it doesn’t have to be grass-fed)

Make all of your meals with only those foods. At first, you may say “ah that looks like a boring menu”. But think about how many different combos you can come up with. Different styles of cooking, different spices, interesting pairings etc

Why does this work?

It eliminates variables. One of the tricky things with logging food is a fault in perception and mismanagement of what you think you are consuming. This reduction in variables will allow you/your client to pinpoint exactly what’s going on. Essentially, it’s a way to mess up less, stay satiated, get in all the¬†micronutrients, and get used to eating primarily nutrient dense foods.

This has been a game changer for people who have gotten comfortable on a diet or those just starting a more flexible approach. It’s not as fun as pizza, cheeseburgers, and wine, but neither is working hard for no progress, right?


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