Stronger U Member Spotlight: Clayton Tyger

Mike Doehla
Founder and CEO

Food & Nutrition

This week our Member Spotlight is shining brightly on Clayton Tyger, coached by Coach Anthony.

What’s your name? (First and last names, pretty please)

Clayton Tyger

Tell us a little about you in 5 sentences or less. Where are you from? Are you a parent? What are your hobbies? Anything unique about your life that you want to share?

I live in Lagrangeville, NY and newish(6 months) parent of my beautiful daughter who is part of the reason for weight loss. Hobbies these days is a mixture of golf, roller hockey, and video games. Can’t wait to experience some new hobbies as our daughter gets older.

What led you to join Stronger U?

I had been telling myself I needed to lose weight for the past few years and never did. When I found out my wife was pregnant, I knew I had to make the change because I wanted to be able to keep up with my child. I have myself a few months and didn’t hold myself accountable so I contacted Mike as I’d had known him for years. He never once tried to sell me on SU, and I could tell from his client before/afters he was doing something right. Not that I didn’t think he would, but when you see multiple success stories it’s that reassurance you want.

What dieting experience have you had previous to Stronger U? Was there a reason you were or were not successful? Why did you stop?

Funny you ask that as I’ve only dieted 3 times in my life, and all three counted calories and made it to 3 months and got complacent or got cocky on how well I was doing and fell into bad habits. First time I was working out 5 days a week as part of a college class and went from 180ish to 167, and was 9.x body fat. Yes, my freshmen year in college, I was counting calories eating college food and losing weight. I do remember still having a small thing of ice cream at least once a week though even back then. After 3 months, I got comfortable and created bad habits that led to my weight creeping up to 230lbs in 7 years, where I worked out and counted and got back down to 200. Again, got comfortable and gained till I got to 250ish, and had enough. Didn’t work out this time, but lost about 30 pounds, by counting calories, but not caring about the macros. Once I got down to 220 after 3 months, which was probably 2013, I then gained another 40 pounds or so up till April of last year. Now I’ve been going for 11 months and have no thought of ever going back from the habits I’ve learned through Stronger U while being more aware of calories in food.

It’s clear Stronger U worked for you. Why do you think Stronger U worked so well when other programs or diets may have not?

It’s all about the fact that I can have anything, it’s just about controlling how much I have.

Can you give some insight into your eating habits BEFORE joining Stronger U?

I think the reason is I truly needed a change since this was the heaviest I’d ever reached, but more importantly the tools that Stronger U gives you. A big part I believe is the Facebook community as the positivity is infectious there and the support is amazing.

Now that you’ve joined Stronger U, how have your eating habits changed?

I measure 99% of my food I eat, I plan my days out in advanced and only eat what I have planned, or if I want to change it up I usually change on my sheet first then eat. Still, eat foods I enjoy and don’t eat like a jerk.

If you exercise or train for a sport, what does a typical week look like? Did Stronger U have any impact on your decision to start exercising or training for a sport?

Yes, I’ve slowly started working out, then had a hernia (not from working out), but once I can lift I will.

Has your change in body weight or composition improved other areas of your life? If so, explain what areas and how.

I’ve realized other areas I can be more efficient and I get a lot better sleep than originally. I’ve started meditating and using more of a planner to plan out my tasks for the day.

Is there any tips or advice you’d give to new members of Stronger U to help them succeed early on?

Measure/weigh everything, keep it simple, use your coach. Dedicate the time in the beginning as it will save you frustrations later in the process.

If someone is thinking about joining Stronger U, what would you tell them?

Do it, it will be rough at first due to dealing with change, but once you commit to it, it is a lot easier. No matter how much they have to lose or gain, Stronger U can help them.

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