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In the 3 ½ years that Stronger U has been around, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with over 20,000 people in over 45 different countries get healthier, more fit, and learn more about what they eat on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s still crazy to think that it’s gotten to be what it is today, all by helping people count their macros.

During that same time, as people have learned more and more about what they eat, Stronger U Members have often shared recipe ideas, meal planning tips, and foods that they’ve used to help them hit their numbers, enjoy their life and love the foods they eat.

One of those foods that we see posted in the Stronger U Member’s Group constantly is Kodiak Cakes. For good reason, too. Kodiak Cakes has been around for a while now and has developed a reputation as an easy-to-use pancake and waffle mix that puts just as much care into the quality of their ingredients as they do the taste. All the while making a mix that is about as macro-friendly as can be.

So it was a pretty big deal for us when Kodiak Cakes reached out to see if we’d be interested in partnering up with them on a contest they wanted to run. Naturally, we said yes. What follows is an interview with our very own Clayton Tyger, a major Kodiak Cakes fan and one of our favorite Stronger U success stories.

Give it a read to hear what Clayton has to say about all things Stronger U, Kodiak Cakes, and what it takes to lose 100+ pounds. And to learn how to enter the Kodiak Cakes contest, head over to their announcement here.


Thanks for agreeing to this, Clayton. We’re happy to be able to talk to someone who has had such an impressive weight loss story! To start, can you tell us a bit about how much weight you’ve lost and how you went about doing that?

I never had a goal when starting out other than to get healthy.. fast forward to now and I’ve lost 100lbs and have maintained that the past 24 weeks! With Stronger U they really simplify the process of losing weight and at its, it’s most basic level it was “hit the numbers my coach has customized for me to meet my goals and let the magic happen.” And that’s what I did! In the beginning, it was tough as I had cooked maybe 4 times in the past 4 years prior to SU, think every day going out to lunch then having a wonderful wife who would cook as I’d get home late and have food ready. Now, I make 97% of my meals, meal prep, and make much better decisions when out. Planning out my meals at least a day prior has been the most impactful, as once I set up a successful meal plan, I only have to worry about eating what I have planned. Its It’s one of the best feelings and saves time from deciding at each meal what to eat to stay within my numbers.

100lbs! That’s incredible! What had your dieting experience been like in the past? Had you tried diets before? Did any of them allow you to eat pancakes? Okay, jokes aside, were they overly restrictive? And if so, why do you think you liked the freedom to eat whatever you wanted with Stronger U?

When I signed up for SU I had dieted a few times but when I was younger I was never out of shape.. it wasn’t till…. after my first year of college. The funny part is, my first semester in college I dieted and went from 180 to 167, but was working out 5 days a week and counting only calories. I tried a few more times and lost 20 and 30 pounds, but always seemed to gain it back and more! I was always good for the first 3 months then I’d go back to bad habits as I got too comfortable. They were never super restricted, but I basically ate the same thing every day… I can still remember the meal plan it was that consistent and sadly pancakes usually never made the menu! I will say though that I like the SU approach much better as I definitely feel fuller, while still eating enjoyable foods.

That “eat whatever you want” thing seems kind of like a dream for most diets. Did you have trouble actually making that work for you with Stronger U?

At first, I did, because it almost gave me too many options and was about overwhelming because I really didn’t think I could eat whatever I wanted. The truth is, I could, just not as much as I use to. After a bit, if tweaking and making sure I was full throughout the day, I started adding in more “treats” and less filling foods. But there was a trial and error period I had to go through to see where the sweet spot was.

So you’ve obviously had some really impressive success with Stronger U, and you’re not the only person that has. But you’ve also had success while eating Kodiak Cakes. How long have you been a Kodiak Cakes fan?

Over a year now! I found you guys less than 2 months into my journey and so glad I did. I’m a big waffle fan, but usually only had them on Christmas when my dad made them, but bought my own waffle iron, and have been eating them almost weekly… some weeks its daily or twice a day 🙂

Thank you for your support! We love it whenever we get to hear from fans like yourself. Now, from our understanding, you not only used Kodiak Cakes while losing weight, but you’re still using them now to help fuel your activity. Can you tell us a bit about how you used Kodiak Cakes then and now, with two different goals?

Thank you for making such a great product! Yes, I’m actually in maintenance now and have started biking this year and already up to a couple 35-mile bike rides.. nothing better than having a couple Kodiak Donuts.. yes Donuts, before going out for a ride. During my weight loss phase I never worked out, it wasn’t until I hit 100 pounds lost that I finally made myself go to the gym. The main difference, is now I get to enjoy it more often as my numbers are higher and a great way to fuel and recover from my rides!

Finally, if someone were going to try Kodiak Cakes for the first time after reading this, what flavor would you suggest for them?

I would have said Double Chocolate, but yesterday I had a Cinnamon Oat Waffle with Apple filling on top, and my world changed so much I made Apple Cinnamon Oat Donuts(3 per 1 serving of mix) with unsweetened applesauce) this morning with a cream cheese/caramel frosting. It was amazing!! Thank you for making a delicious pancake/waffle/donut that is filling and great combination if Fats/Carbs/Proteins

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