Rediscovering Vitality: Cheri’s Inspiring Path to Thriving at 53 

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Meet Stronger U Member Cheri R. 

  • Age: 53 
  • Weight Lost: 12 pounds (Twice) & currently working with her Coach on maintenance  
  • Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, rollerblading, pickleball 
  • Coach: Jodi Burchill 

In life, we all face challenges and transitions that contribute to our personal growth. Cheri’s story is one of self-discovery, adopting healthier habits, and thriving at the age of 53. Her journey with Stronger U reflects transformation, resilience, and the impact of a supportive community.  

Cheri’s path to better health began with a realization: exercise alone couldn’t overcome poor nutrition. Like many, she had tried various approaches, including working out regularly, but did not achieve the results she aimed for. A Facebook post caught her attention—someone her age shared a similar struggle and found hope through Stronger U. This relatable story motivated Cheri to give the program a chance. 

Cheri started strong, losing an impressive 12 pounds in her initial sessions with Coach Jodi. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her progress. As the world reopened, old habits crept back in—untracked indulgences, frequent dining out, and mindless snacking. The pounds returned, prompting Cheri to return to Stronger U for guidance, aiming not just to lose the weight again but to learn to maintain it. 

In April 2023, Cheri recommitted to her journey, enlisting Coach Jodi and Stronger U for accountability. Her dedication remained steadfast as she embraced the idea that the journey mattered as much as the destination. Cheri came to realize the scale didn’t solely define her success and began prioritizing how she felt instead. Stronger U guided her toward focusing on areas beyond nutrition and building holistic habits around hydration, sleep, gratitude, and movement —forming her well-rounded approach to wellness. 

Cheri’s perspective on health transformed with Stronger U. As she’s learned more about the power of macronutrients, she’s reshaped her relationship with food. Additionally, she now aims for 10,000 steps daily and began incorporating more strength training into her routine.  Throughout this journey, Cheri found unwavering support from Coach Jodi and the Stronger U community. Jodi’s guidance was a message away, and the Facebook group provided shared experiences and motivation. Her advice for those considering change is simple: start now. The experience outweighs timing, and rewards come sooner when you begin sooner. 

Cheri embodies the possibilities of prioritizing well-being, regardless of age. With an active lifestyle, she’s eager to welcome her first grandchild and embrace the role of an involved grandmother. Cheri’s journey reminds us that change is ongoing, filled with setbacks, triumphs, and community support. Stronger U empowered Cheri by helping her reshape her habits and redefine what thriving in her 50s can look like. Learn how Stronger U can support you, too.  

 Note from coach Jodi:  

Cherrriiii!!  She’s just a wonderful human all around.  This woman knows how to enjoy life and take things in stride.  We’ve been working together for years and she’s here because she loves the extra accountability and support.  A Mom, a grandmother, a wife, friend…all the things.  She loves adventures and loves to travel and spend time with her family.  And there’s been no lack of fun for her this summer, that’s for sure!  Through it all, she didn’t stress about being perfect, she still took care of herself, ate well most of the time, and was understanding that balance means relaxing and enjoying too.  There’s a time and place for it all.  We can have fun and eat well and enjoy some good food and still feel incredible in our clothes and skin.  She’s definitely proof of that.  Proud of you Cheri!!  xoxox 


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