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Are you stumped on how you can fit Stronger U into your life? We get it! These posts are bursting with information from real-life Stronger U members and how they use Stronger U coaches to help them reach their goals! Use these posts to see how somebody else fits Stronger U into their lives and let it inspire you on your own journey.


While every member has different goals, macros, and results, what you do with your journey is so much more than a number on a scale. It’s a perfect culmination of habit building, hard work, and improving your health!


This month we’re thrilled to feature Stronger U member Andrea H., who, on top of losing 20 pounds in five months, has managed to change her habits while working as a Respiratory Therapist for COVID patients. Andrea has demonstrated that life does not (and should not) stop while on a weight loss journey. Are you a healthcare provider curious about how Stronger U could fit into your life? Andrea shares with us how she balances healthy eating with her demanding job (as well as how eating healthier has made her a better provider). Read more below!

About Me: 

  • Name: Andrea H.
  • Age: 30
  • Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan!
  • Occupation: Respiratory Therapist
  • Cut? Bulk? Maintenance? Cut!
  • Coach: Holli Rahmings
  • Total Weight Loss to Date (with SU): 20 pounds since mid-May!

My Daily Log: 

I work a minimum of 3 12-hour shifts per week from 7am-7:30pm. I’m in overtime often. My job is pretty active. I’m very exhausted at the end of my shifts and on those days I’m likely sleeping by 9pm. To prepare for my busy 12 hour days, I set myself up for success the night before.
This is the secret! I will weigh and make a spot in the fridge for that food, then place all other non-refrigerator items in my bag the night before. I always mix in some “treats” so I don’t feel deprived, especially since my job has many temptations.
In the morning I just have to grab my stuff and go! Since starting stronger U 5 months ago, I’ve found some staples that I love to have most workdays. I result to these foods because they’re easy and help me to hit my macro targets! They include an oatmeal yogurt bowl in the mornings at work, it’s low cal and so filling to me. I use a 100 cal better oats brand package, your choice of Greek yogurt, and I mix in a tiny bit of almond milk. My favorite fruit to top it off with is frozen blueberries. Another staple is starkist tuna or chicken packs on a sandwich. Many times my dessert will be a protein bar, there’s so many yummy ones, my favorite is the barebell brand from Trader Joe’s. I also love having watermelon because it’s filling, I usually pack 300g a shift and I’ll snack on it throughout my shift. 300g goes a long way and is alot of food for only 23g carbs.

My Story: 

  • Work has a lot of temptations, I would often buy from the cafeteria, especially on Monday’s and Friday’s because they have special restaurants come in on those days and cater food. Our cafeteria always has tons of choices and sweets. Also, my department always has snacks, fun-sized candy bars, chips etc. there’s often temptations around. I’d usually pack some food, but snack a lot at work on the options there. My days would often start off strong, but as I got busier and more tired, I’d give into these temptations and go against my goals.
  • I have learned a new sense of determination. SU has given me a confidence to say “I can do anything” because of SU, I am not lazy like I used to be, SU has brought a new energy to me. 12 hour shifts aren’t as daunting as they used to be, I make the day go by quicker by helping my coworkers more freely which used to feel like so much work, to do my patients and help with theirs, but now I have so much energy that I strive to serve others with.
  • The toughest hurdle has definitly been the food temptations at work and some of the questions/judgements that I’ve gotten about my food. Facing the temptations head on has shown me a strength that I didn’t know I had. A strength to say no and stick to my goals. It was tough at first, but overtime has become easier and easier when I consider how good I feel overall.

My Goals: 

  •  Stronger U is not only helping me to lose weight and hit my physique goals that I’ve had for years, but also is teaching me dedication and consistency even on the hard days. I’m learning how to conquer my food addiction which has always been an underlying issue. Having my coach Holli for accountability has been very helpful in this process. I am finding strength that I didn’t know I had.

Fast Five: 

Favorite Drink-honestly, water! Or a protein shake! I love them, and now they’re like dessert for me!

Favorite Protein-I love to mix chocolate protein shakes creatively. Chocolate PB, chocolate and strawberry, chocolate mint, chocolate coffee etc.! Non desserty, I love cottage cheese! The good culture brand from Costco is my favorite!

Favorite Song- Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, Bigger Than by Justin Jesso, Unstoppable by Sia

Favorite way to spend five extra minutes-cleaning and tidying my space up

Favorite SU quote “don’t accept a life you don’t want because a better one takes some work” -Mike D.


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