Nicki’s Stronger U Story

Before and After Member Transformation

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hello! I am an Army veteran and met my husband while on active duty in Fairbanks, AK. We were stationed together at Ft. Wainwright. We have been married for 27 years and have 2 kids in their 20’s. After discharge I went to college and became a registered dental hygienist which I worked at for 16 years. I am now enjoying dental sales.

What did your life look like before Stronger U?

I guess you could say the after photo could easily be the before the before photo. I was always energetic and ate healthy! I could keep my weight in check and had a great lifestyle. As an RDH there wasn’t time to eat/snack because I was with patients, and I always had a minimum of 10,000 steps a day just walking around the office and such.

Then, in 2017 I went into dental sales. Just like the college “freshman 15” when your lifestyle suddenly changes, you can easily put on the pounds. My car became my office and there was nowhere to walk. Gone were the days of 10,000 steps and I was suddenly in the position to snack my days away out of boredom. I recognized I was gaining weight because all my new sales clothes weren’t fitting, and I knew I felt tired and uninterested in this new job I was learning.

I have an autoimmune condition and that was flaring up too. I tried to track with MFP – not knowing about macros. I tried to Keto my way slim. I tried to be gluten free. I tried to exercise my way to fit. Nothing was working! And even more importantly – nothing was sticking.

What does your life look like now? 

I am still in sales and my territory continues to grow so I am now in the car for longer periods of time. I have accepted Stronger U and tracking as part of my lifestyle as well as snacking on fresh veggies. It does get easier!

Anytime I feel unmotivated I grab an audiobook from my library app or listen to a podcast. They are just a few ways to draw myself back in and refocus myself when life is in chaos.

Where did you hear about Stronger U? 

Online search for an online personal trainer.

Why do you think Stronger U worked so well for you compared to other programs or diets?

The biggest thing for me is you have an actual person that is supporting you and saying all the right things. If I have a question on tracking or eating out or even if I am falling off the wagon Holli is there to guide me.

Everything else failed because they were built on unsustainable changes and there was not someone to redirect my focus and goals when I would wake up and say I don’t want to do this anymore.

What was something you regularly ate while on Stronger U that people wouldn’t expect you to eat on a diet?

Waffles for breakfast! What diet out there says it’s ok to grab 2 waffles and cover it with fruit and while you are at it add some syrup and whipped topping? This is one of my favorite meals – of course it’s protein waffles and sugar-free syrup!

Did Stronger U have any impact on your training? Or did Stronger U have an impact on your decision to start exercising? 

I exercised and ran regularly before and not much has changed there but I am more confident in taking my shirt off to exercise in a sports bra and taking gym pics.

Did you have any favorite non-scale victories to share?

My 21 yr old son couldn’t stop picking at my pan of “crack broccoli” and said he hated broccoli until I started baking it! It’s just broccoli and olive oil baked. It’s a dinner staple around here with no complaints.

Has Stronger U improved your overall quality of life?  

Absolutely! I think it has helped me mentally more than anything. When I am feeling fit and thin, I like myself so much more and feel confident. When I carry that energy into my offices during sales, they can feel it too. It helps me meet my sales goals!

If someone is thinking about joining Stronger U, what advice would you give them before beginning their journey?

SU will inconvenience you in a way that will change your life for the best. The inconvenience of learning macros and tracking and checking-in will become a habit that gets easier with time. That inconvenience will gradually change your unhealthy habits and help confront issues you have (that you know you have) with your lifestyle that are keeping you from your best self. Do you want to feel healthy? Do you want new habits that will stick with you for the rest of your life? Do you want a support system that you can reach out to whenever you need it? Then this is the program for you!

Would you like to give a shoutout to your coach, SU staff member, or community member?

Ahhhh yes! Holli is the bomb!!! I had a different coach on my 1st session, but I felt like I could easily BS her – not her issue, that was all me! I asked for someone who would actually hold me accountable. Tell me like it is. I am tough, I like tough. Boy did they deliver with her. She sees right through my excuses and sees my life in a way I don’t. Her advice is always spot-on and sometimes a necessary evil. She isn’t always like that though, just when it’s needed. She is genuine and kind too! I know I am with the right coach! Thanks Holli!!

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