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Oooooohhhh!  It’s that scary time of year!  Yes, of course, Halloween is just around the corner… but so are the holidays. The time of year when food and drink flow frighteningly fast and easy. Let’s let this year be different. How? One little step to a healthier, happier, and more vibrant Halloween and holiday season – embracing the boo’s… or more accurately… getting better at erasing the booze.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk tips and tricks – or really tricks and treats for a SU-worthy Halloween and upcoming holiday season when it comes to picking your poison. While it might seem scary – fear not, there are some nice little hacks that can help make navigating this booze-free zone a little easier. Try one or two or all of them and see if they can’t help you scare up a healthier and happier start to the holiday season.

Focus on the Glass

That’s right. There is more to a good holiday beverage than what’s inside the glass. Your beverage holder of choice is where it’s at. No red Solo cups for you… make sure when you are going booze-free that you choose the most beautiful wine goblet, or martini glass, or champagne flute. Fill it with a nonalcoholic beverage of your choice and sip away. Just the act of holding the glass helps trick your brain into thinking you are still part of the party… without partying too hard. Give it a try! It makes a bigger difference than you think!

Choose your Beverage Wisely

While diet soda is an easy choice when you are choosing to forgo the hard beverages…there are other options that can be more exciting and well, good for you too! There are several brands of ultra-tasty kombucha that make a perfect dupe when you decide not to drink. Not only do you get a delicious something-something to sip on… but your gut gets a nice little punch of healthy bacteria at the same time. Double bonus! Try GT’s Synergy Strawberry Passion or Gingerberry. Need a little extra sweetness? Add a splash of ginger beer for an extra explosion of flavor.

Make it Beautiful

If you are going to go with a beautiful glass, don’t skimp on the beauty of what’s inside. We eat and drink with our eyes as much as our mouths… so make it count. Frozen berries are an easy way to beautify a simple glass of club soda with a splash of grapefruit. Frozen raspberries add flavor and beauty to some orange juice spiked Sprite and blackberries, blueberries, or even frozen strawberries make cranberry juice and club soda a real treat. They also keep your beverage cold without watering it down. A two-fer!

Make it Half Count

If booze-free isn’t your jam but cutting down is… try ½ strength drinks to take you a little further toward your goals. With white wine, creating a spritzer with half club soda still feels bubbly and special. With mixed drinks… asking for a ½ shot will allow you to enjoy two drinks for the macro cash of one. And with red wine… sometimes a ½ pour can be just as satisfying as a full pour. Then, you allow yourself a second ½ pour and it feels like you’re having 2 glasses of wine for the price of one. Boom!

Create Some Rules

As simple as it may sound, creating some rules around party time can actually be a really successful way to make it through the party season. Create a self-imposed limit. Perhaps 1 drink before switching to nonalcoholic drinks. Or, two drinks for the evening – total. Share your rules with a friend to help keep you accountable.

Visualize the End Game

Instead of focusing on the fact that you won’t be drinking for this year’s Halloween bash… take it into the future and instead visualize how you will feel the next day. Fabulous, well-rested, clear-headed, proud of yourself, and simply amazing are some words that may come to mind. Taking the time to remember WHY you want to do this and HOW you will feel when you’ve accomplished your goal can make it easier to stick to your guns when the rest of the group is getting their party on.

Plan Something New

Sometimes new traditions and a new group of people are in order. Mixing things up with a group where drinking isn’t the main game can be a powerful way to kick off your new booze-free holiday plan. Try some new places and some new faces. You might have more fun than you think.

While some of these tricks and treats may work for you, others may not. That’s okay… remember, this journey is about progress… not perfection. One less drink or one extra day booze-free is still a win when party season is on. Pick the tips that work for you and rock your choices with confidence. Remember, only you can make YOU a priority. Now go grab your pumpkin costume, your fake blood, and your favorite glass and party on – just not too hard!


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