5 Things the Most Successful Stronger U Members Do During Their First Four Weeks 

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Here at Stronger U, we’ve worked with over 55,000 members worldwide and from all walks of life since our inception in 2015. Over my past several years as a Registered Dietitian and Manager of Nutrition Education, I’ve had a chance to work hand-in-hand with hundreds of clients and our coaches. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t work, and the common struggles many members experience. Based on these insights, we dedicate much of our experienced coaches’ continued education to improving our clients’ results. 

We’re a company that believes in treating people like people, not a number on a roster. Our coaches are committed to personalizing their approach and looking at the whole person, not just what someone eats daily. Hence why our weekly check-ins cover a lot more in-depth information than macro tracking. We also look at things like sleep, exercise, water intake, energy levels, and other factors that may affect your results and overall well-being.  

Stronger U Coaches provide the support, guidance, and accountability needed to establish and follow through with the habits that will lead to body composition changes, performance goals, and a healthier lifestyle. With the knowledge and tools, members can implement and execute these habits daily. The process is where the magic happens.  

As the saying goes, success leaves clues. Having gone through the process thousands of times with thousands of members, we’ve seen consistent trends in habits and behaviors that our most successful clients exhibit.  

Let’s dive into some of the behaviors of members who absolutely crush their goals with Stronger U. 

1. Successful Members Are Honest About Their Actions

At Stronger U, perfection is not the goal because success doesn’t require perfection. No one is perfect (not even your coach!), and we don’t expect it from our members either.  

What success does require is honesty with ourselves and our coach. Life is going to happen; you’re going to have days where you don’t hit your macros/calorie goal or have less motivation to exercise. It’s OK! We encourage our members to log these instances anyway and talk to their coach about what’s going on. Leaving a day blank or intentionally not logging a meal or treat because of “guilt” or “shame” makes it difficult for you or your coach to see the whole picture. Being honest with your coach upfront allows them to help you best overcome challenges and reach your goals judgment free. 

2. Successful Members Use Resources and Ask Questions

We want this to be as easy as possible, but it can certainly feel like a lot of information all at once, and the first few weeks of figuring out how to get into a groove may be challenging. That’s why we structured the best onboarding education for new members to start learning the foundational lessons and important topics for their goals. Members who complete these mini-lessons receive a lot of valuable information and get many questions answered right away. At the same time, a Stronger U coach is right there with you for more questions!  

Remember, going at it alone is exactly what you were doing before Stronger U, and you hired a coach for a reason. Use your coach, tap into their knowledge, skillset, and expertise, and use it to your absolute advantage.   

Eventually, you’ll reach a point where this is second nature, and you will understand how to plan your macros and adjust more habits. But in the beginning, as you’re still learning and building habits, we expect you’ll have many questions, struggles, concerns, and victories. We want to know about all of it!  

3. Successful Members Prioritize Whole Foods

Having flexibility in your food selections is a huge part of why this program is sustainable. Protein pancakes, amazing macro-friendly recipes, and even pizza, ice cream, and cookies can be worked into your daily meals if you choose. However, most of the people who see great success with Stronger U use those foods in smaller quantities, NOT as staple foods.  

We suggest using the 3-3-3 method in the beginning for a reason: the simpler your diet is, the quicker you’ll build good habits and consistency with your numbers. Planning macros can be a little time-consuming at first, and if every day is a game of Tetris to see how many of your favorite treats you can snack on, you’re going to get burned out quickly.  

Most successful people work on consistency first, then worry about trying to fit in the fun stuff. Not to mention, whole food sources usually get you a lot more food volume, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep you fuller and energized. 

4. Successful Members Plan Ahead

Planning makes it much easier to consistently hit your macros (and consistency is key to success!). Automation helps reduce decision fatigue, leaving you more successful and with more energy. This will help limit adjusting on the fly, or panicking when you realize you have 5 grams of fat left and still need 87 grams of protein. Even if this is the only habit you built, your chances of success will increase exponentially. Your coach can offer tips and suggestions to fit planning into your week in a way that works for you.  

5. Successful Members Stay Consistent with Check-Ins

The relationship you build with your coach is an integral part of your Stronger U experience. Completing your log and checking in on your check-in day gives your coach visibility to you, your life, your habits, your struggles, and where you may need extra support. Using your information and input from these check-ins, your coach will offer tips, guidance and adjustments to your program to increase your program success. Sometimes, someone may feel they don’t have much to say in their check-in, and still completing it anyways helps with consistency and coaching! 

The “Other” Habits 

We’ve talked about behaviors that lead to success, but what about those habits that can potentially slam the brakes on your progress? We all have at least some. Look at how you’re currently approaching things, and if any of these hit home, maybe it’s time to make some adjustments. 

  • Not planning days ahead of time 
  • Not preparing/cooking food ahead of time 
  • Not using a coach as a resource out of shame, embarrassment, fear, or any other reason (they have your back!) 
  • Eating untracked bites and tastes or underreporting food intake 
  • Not logging alcohol 
  • Drinking alcohol more than 1-2x/week 
  • Eating out at restaurants more than 1-2x/week (doable, but very hard to be accurate) 
  • Taking weekends completely off regularly 

Can you continue with these habits and still succeed? Maybe. But it may make things more difficult, it may slow down results, and you’ll probably feel frustrated, which may lead you to throw in the towel prematurely. Slipping back into an old pattern can happen and is expected, the trick is to lean on your coach for support, so you don’t stay there. 

Set Yourself Up for Success 

Whether you’ve just started Stronger U, you’re still on the fence about joining, or you’re in your 68th week with us, it’s never too late to take a step back and look at your daily habits and mindset. Even if you identify a bit more with some of the habits that could be holding you back, it’s never too late to change.  

If you think you need to make changes to improve your results and adherence, our coaches are here to help you, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our vibrant community of amazing people. If you’re already a member, talk with your coach, start working on those successful habits, and build a strong foundation that will support good nutrition for the rest of your life. 


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