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Quick facts: 

  • Name: Jennifer L. 
  • Age: 48
  • Weight Lost: 31 pounds
  • Hobbies: Running and triathlons (pre-COVID), spending time with family, and traveling
  • Coach: Jodi Burchill

Meet Jennifer, a 48-year-old Sales Manager, divorced mom of two boys, and a former runner and triathlete. Before discovering Stronger U, Jennifer faced challenges, including the disappointment of the Boston Marathon being canceled and the subsequent loss of motivation to work out and eat to fuel her active lifestyle. When she returned to the dating scene, she found herself enjoying the social aspect but struggling with the constant overeating that often accompanied it. These setbacks left her feeling sluggish, prompting her to make some changes.  

With guidance from her dedicated coach, Jodi Burchill, Jennifer began her journey with Stronger U. Reflecting on her experience, she shares, “Getting back into the macro counting way of eating was important to me over the past year. A big change, though, from before was making sure that I could make it sustainable.” Jennifer wanted to make changes that she could maintain for life, not crash diet and yo-yo up-and-down with her weight and health.  

Over the next year, Jennifer’s commitment resulted in a steady 30-pound weight loss, even amidst frequent travel and a demanding job managing a European team from the United States.  A hectic work schedule didn’t deter her, however. She was even able to enjoy multiple vacations guilt-free, including trips to Italy and Bermuda. She faced the obstacles head-on, emphasizing the importance of dialing in her food choices. “My activity level actually dipped for a big part of the past year… I was tired, but dialing in food became a priority.” Despite the challenges, she remained committed to her health and wellness journey, adapting her approach to make it sustainable. 

One key aspect that sets Stronger U apart, according to Jennifer, is its realistic approach. “Stronger U works so well because it keeps it real. You can have all the tasty foods you love, just not all at once,” she says. The program empowered her to make healthier choices and plan her day around the foods she was craving, acknowledging the consequences of her decisions. Jennifer confesses to enjoying ice cream almost daily while on Stronger U, proving that the program allows room for personal preferences. “Keeping ice cream in my life was important to me,” she admits, showing that a balanced approach to nutrition is key. Being able to continue enjoying her favorite foods (like ice cream!) played a big part in the sustainability of these lifestyle changes for Jennifer.  

Jennifer’s achievements extend beyond the scale, including 5 inches off her waist and numerous non-scale victories. Not only did her old clothes fit again, but perhaps most importantly, she successfully inspired her household to adopt Stronger U principles. Now, 3 out of 4 people in her house keep to their own macros, a testament to her positive influence on her family’s lifestyle. As Jennifer reflects on her journey, she says, “We cook more as a family now… Planning and meal-prep are a strong foundation for success.” Her husband has lost over 35 pounds and her kids now eat to fuel their growing bodies. Professionally, Jennifer credits Stronger U with teaching her how to fuel to increase her energy for her demanding job. Health-wise, she notes improvements in her bloodwork, showcasing how Stronger U positively impacted her personal and professional life. 

For those considering joining Stronger U, Jennifer advises persistence and embracing the journey. “I didn’t ‘get it’ at first… I stayed and lurked. I read all that I could. I followed people online. It sunk in!” Don’t be discouraged if your first try doesn’t work out. Sometimes it takes longer to sink in and for you to ‘get it’ – but when you truly ‘get it’, you’ll start changing your life and inspiring those around you. 

Ready to create your own success story? Join Stronger U and start your journey toward a stronger, healthier you! 

A note from Coach Jodi: 

Jennnnn!!  Such a joy…a mom and an influencer.  By the end of our year together, she had her whole family learning about and feeling better around food, even her 13-year-old son.  (And her hubby lost almost 40 pounds as well).  She leads by example and after seeing how much better she felt and how good she felt around food, the family couldn’t help but notice and want to learn it, too.  Pretty crazy cool!!  

So proud of you Jen, for all you have worked for and how you continue to be and feel amazing and an incredible role model for the people you love. 

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