How Aaron Broke Through His Weight Loss Plateau with a Stronger U Coach 

Stronger U Member Spotlight Before and After

Quick Facts:

Name: Aaron L.
Age: 48
Weight Lost: 25.4 lbs.
Coach: Eva Astor

Aaron has been an enthusiastic Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) member for three years. His commitment to the high-intensity workouts under the orange lights has significantly improved his overall fitness. Despite his dedication, however, his weight remained unchanged. He realized that to break through this plateau, he needed to focus on his nutrition as much as exercise.

While his workouts were effective, he struggled with portion control and making healthy choices at parties, family dinners, and while traveling. Aaron’s turning point came when he decided to participate in the OTF Transformation Challenge in early 2024 and joined Stronger U simultaneously to improve his nutrition and body composition.

By pairing his workouts with the guidance and support from his Stronger U Coach, Eva, he’s made significant progress and has overcome his biggest struggles. He now shares his goals with his family, ensuring they understand his journey. Meal prep has become a regular part of his routine, and he diligently tracked his nutrition with the Stronger U App while maintaining his fitness routine at Orangetheory.

His experience hasn’t just been about overcoming obstacles, however. One of the things he’s enjoyed the most has been discovering delicious, healthy foods. He’s become a fan of overnight oats, and fresh strawberries, blueberries, and half-sour pickles are now his regular staples. These unexpected treats have made healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable.

But the victories don’t stop there. In his short time with Stronger U, Aaron has lost 25 pounds, improved his physical fitness, smashed personal records for rowing and treadmill OTF challenges, and even ran a half marathon independently. Notably, he sets a positive example and is a role model for his teenage sons.

The Stronger U Community also played a crucial role for Aaron. He frequently visited the members-only Facebook page for meal prep ideas and recommendations for healthy products like protein shakes. That added support network provided invaluable encouragement and practical tips, helping him stay on track.

Although Aaron was already physically active when he joined Stronger U, leveraging Coach Eva’s expertise and accountability allowed him to accelerate his goals, lose weight, improve his performance, and enhance his overall health. His results are a testament to the power of combining consistent exercise with a flexibly structured nutrition plan.

A note from Coach Eva:

“Aaron exemplifies what it means to be a standout Stronger U member. While initially referred to himself as a rookie, he quickly demonstrated high-level skills in making significant lifestyle changes. He understood that he would be learning and practicing (not perfecting). Aaron is a role model to his children and colleagues, as he bravely tries new tools and strategies, creating boundaries that support his health and wellness values. Despite his hectic family life, busy work schedule with the Army, and beginning his Army War College (AWC) program—a two-year distance master’s program with two weeks of residency—he remains dedicated to his health journey. I am beyond excited to see what Aaron accomplishes next and honored to walk with him on this journey.”

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