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Quick facts: 

  • Name: Kelsey K.
  • Age: 30
  • Weight Lost: 30 pounds
  • Hobbies: Competitive athlete, sprint triathlon training, traveling, parenting 
  • Favorite food: Cottage cheese with frozen raspberries and dark chocolate chips – a whopping 38 grams of protein AND 6 grams of fiber!
  • Coach: Amelia McMillan

Kelsey’s journey began almost two years after giving birth; following a tumultuous pregnancy, childbirth, and a challenging postpartum period. As a former college athlete, she had always been driven and competitive, but the physical and emotional toll of motherhood left her feeling utterly drained and unmotivated. Knowing she had to regain control of her body, not just for herself but for her family, she embarked on a life-changing journey with Stronger U that saw her shed an impressive 30 pounds. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and finding the right support when you need it most. 

Struggles with eating plagued Kelsey for as long as she could remember. While her athletic background had somewhat masked her issues in the past, her newfound sedentary lifestyle and feelings of isolation as a new mother exacerbated her problems. However, the turning point came when she saw a candid “before” picture of herself (the one she was brave enough to share with us today!). The shock of how she looked at that moment was enough to convince her that it was time to seek out nutrition support. In her search for guidance, Kelsey turned to Coach Amelia McMillan, a friend of her sister’s and a former college volleyball teammate. Kelsey’s decision to entrust Mia with her raw and vulnerable journey would prove pivotal. 

The path to transformation was far from smooth. Frequent travel, work-related meals, and a household that didn’t always align with her nutrition goals were just some of the obstacles she faced. But with Coach Amelia’s guidance, they developed a strategic approach to navigate these challenges. Some trips allowed for flexible tracking, while others provided a break from the routine. Importantly, Kelsey and Mia explored the root causes of her struggles. In her own words, Kelsey says, “We looked at the deeper whys of the struggles I faced before starting the program, and Mia never reprimanded or belittled me for mistakes or indulgences. Instead, she encouraged me to participate fully in foods and experiences that were worth it.” 

As she progressed on her journey, Kelsey celebrated numerous non-scale victories (NSVs) that reignited her competitive spirit. She felt confident enough to sign up for a sprint triathlon, and the training became an exciting adventure in pushing her physical limits. According to Kelsey, one of the most noteworthy achievements was undoubtedly her newfound confidence to wear a swimsuit in public—an unforgettable milestone in her transformation journey. This was all possible because of her unwavering motivation. She came to realize that if she did her part, her body would reciprocate. Her daily responsibilities included tracking her nutrition, staying active, and ensuring she consumed enough calories. The result? She was able to shed the unwanted weight while getting stronger every day.  

Kelsey’s experience with Stronger U is an inspiring testimonial of resilience and personal transformation, demonstrating that with the right support and unwavering determination, we have the potential to conquer challenges and evolve into our most empowered selves. Take the first step towards your best self today.

Note from Coach Amelia: 

Kelsey is an AMAZING human and was just such a fun member to coach! She came in fired up and ready to make some great changes for herself & her family. She was able to make super efficient progress thanks to her focus, commitment, and consistency during our time together-even with some travel and strategic breaks thrown in the mix. I’m blown away at what she accomplished and am excited to see what else is ahead for her! 🧡 


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