Cassandra’s Empowering Journey with Stronger U

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Living Life to the Fullest, Stronger Than Ever! 


Quick Facts: 

  • Name: Cassandra N. 
  • Hobbies: Working out at Anytime Fitness, reading, spending time outside 
  • Coach: Katie Leahy 
  • Weight Loss: 53 pounds 
  • Waist Inches Lost: 8.1 inches 

Meet Cassandra, a determined individual who has embarked on a remarkable journey towards a healthier version of herself with the unwavering support of Stronger U and her coach, Katie Leahy. 

Before joining Stronger U, Cassandra had experienced various weight loss programs but struggled to find the right lifestyle change that would truly stick. Despite hitting the gym 2 to 3 times a week consistently for years and working with a trainer, she knew her food choices were holding her back. 

Now, with Stronger U, Cassandra’s life has transformed dramatically. Embracing the program’s complete lifestyle change, she now works out 6 times a week and loves it. The results have been incredible—she feels stronger than ever, and her food choices have reached a perfect balance, leading to weight loss while gaining strength. Cassandra is thrilled with what she has accomplished so far and the new version of herself she’s become. 

Cassandra believes Stronger U worked so well for her due to its comprehensive approach and caring coaching. With a coach like Katie, who genuinely cared about her well-being and answered even the smallest of questions, Cassandra felt fully supported on her journey. Moreover, the program seamlessly integrated with her membership at Anytime Fitness, which allowed her trainer to be part of an overall health plan.  

To her surprise, while on Stronger U, Cassandra was still able to indulge in some of her favorite foods—pizza and adult beverages. She’s learned how to make smart choices around them while still savoring the things she loves. 

With Stronger U, Cassandra achieved remarkable results—losing an impressive 53 pounds and 8.1 inches off her waist. However, her non-scale victories are just as fulfilling. Being able to fully participate in activities while traveling to Hawaii and discovering a whole new wardrobe were among her most cherished achievements. 

For those considering joining Stronger U, Cassandra’s advice is simple: Just do it! Embrace the journey as a marathon, not a sprint, and know that you’ll learn life-changing lessons along the way. Embrace the support of the Stronger U community – and remember that bumps in the road are normal and surmountable. 

Cassandra’s only regret is not discovering Stronger U sooner, but she’s grateful for taking the leap when she did. With a transformed life and newfound confidence, Cassandra stands as an inspiration to anyone seeking positive change and growth. 

Are you ready to start your own empowering journey? Don’t hesitate—join Stronger U today and witness the amazing transformation that awaits you! 

 Note from Coach:

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to have worked with and continue to work with Cassie for the past YEAR PLUS! Cassie is an incredible person that has been so fun to collaborate, celebrate, and support throughout both body composition and non-scale victories.. Her work and commitment at Anytime Fitness has been fun to watch. Now, moving into a maintenance phase, it is so fun watching Cassie work towards her fitness goals more than ever!  So proud of you Cassie!! It’s not easy but it’s worth it and I know you appreciate what you have done for you and what a difference one year can make!  

🧡 Coach Katie Leahy 

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