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Stronger U has completely changed my life! Not just because I have lost weight, but because it has helped me transform my relationship with food. 


I have tried every diet under the sun, and nothing has ever helped me in this way. I no longer see certain foods as “good” or “bad”, and the days of feeling guilty after I eat something “bad” are LONG GONE. 


My mindset has shifted to do I want to spend “x amount” of calories on this food, or do I want to eat/drink something else that will allow me more flexibility throughout the day. I have also learned to listen to my body! I feel so much better when I eat foods that are nutrient dense. Yeah, eating an entire pizza is delicious in the moment, but the hangover from it the next day is rarely worth it for me anymore. Does this mean I don’t eat junk food anymore?? Heck no! I still eat it, AND I don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. 


The best part about this experience is I can still eat whatever I want, as long as I can make it fit (and believe me, I can make anything fit, I ate Oreos every day for months lol). 


I couldn’t have done this without my amazing coach, Berit! She helped me work through so many emotions, and baggage. She also helped me realize there is so much more to a healthy lifestyle than just eating “good” food. 


Stronger U helped me create a foundation for life long healthy habits. I am much kinder to myself, and consistently workout because it makes me feel good not because someone says I need to! 


I’ve lost almost 80lbs working with Berit, and while I originally had a goal weight I wanted to reach, I’m finding a number on the scale doesn’t bring happiness


I want to feel comfortable and strong, regardless what the scale says. That mind shift has been HUGE for me, as I have always been fixated on reaching a certain number. The scale is simply a way to measure data, it doesn’t make or break my day anymore. 


The feeling of freedom from that alone is incredible. I can’t thank Berit and Stronger U enough for helping me transform into the person I am today!


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