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Nervous system dysregulation can cause many mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, to name a few. During this episode of Stronger U Radio, Manager of Nutrition Education and Innovation Gianna Masi, RD sat down with Jordan Dann, licensed psychoanalyst, relationship coach, and author of Somatic Therapy for Healing Trauma. The two discuss how having an awareness of how our body holds information about our attachment needs from moment to moment (also known as somatic experience) can be helpful in bringing the body back to a state of balance and results in healthier relationships.

During their conversation, you’ll hear how boundaries play a role in navigating a relationship with a partner, family member or friend who is unsupportive of your nutritional and lifestyle changes, as well as the importance of differentiation in this scenario.

“So often people choose not to make a different choice that is in service of their better health because it’s going to create a relational disturbance. They’d rather be confluent than to differentiate and navigate the discomfort,” states Jordan.

She goes over some questions to ask yourself, such as:
“What’s uncomfortable for me about you not joining me?”
“What’s preventing me from being able to make those choices that I feel are best for myself even if you aren’t going to be on board?”
“What’s going to be required for me to differentiate enough to set up habits that are going to be good for me?”

Relational support is essential when moving into something new, so being able to lean on a coach and supportive community, such as we have at Stronger U, to help give us the internal strength to meet the dissatisfaction or discomfort of the people in our lives who want to challenge us, so we go back to the status quo.

Throughout this thought-provoking talk, Gianna and Jordan also discuss:

  • The definition of dysregulation and how emotional eating can be a result
  • Tips on identifying when you are dysregulated or triggered, beginning with the importance of being aware of how you feel
  • How food, movement, and rest impact the nervous system regulation
  • Jordan’s own experience of how exercise and food affect her mood

Listen to the full episode and then head over to the Stronger U Community to share your thoughts and takeaways.

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