Woman Before and After Weight Loss Transformation

Tell us a little bit about yourself!:

First of all, I am a Mom and Nana. I cherish my family, and they always come first. I work full time, take care of my family, and spend time with my boyfriend. After all that, I try to take care of myself. I am active or try to be, hiking on weekends, and love exploring new places.

What did your life look like before Stronger U?:

I was an emotional eater. Eating because I was happy, sad, or anything in between. I tried many diets that worked well at first but always reversed when I stopped gaining more back. My activity level was sedentary. I work at a desk, so most of the time, I sit. I was exhausted after work which led to more sitting. I felt exhausted, both mentally and physically. Just felt yucky.

What does your life look like now?:

I know that I have to eat to survive. Working with SU helped me understand macro nutrition and healthily balancing food. I learned that over time and consistency matters. Not one day or one moment. Creating good habits and doing them consistently matters. As a result, I have more energy, feel better, and believe in myself. One example is my hiking and running ability. My goal for steps is 10000 every day. I have completed a 5k and have more energy when hiking. Previously I could not hike without stopping or asking my boyfriend to go get the car. Even with 12 plus miles, even if I have to pause for the moment, I accomplish it.

Why do you think Stronger U worked so well for you compared to other programs or diets?:

My firm belief is that I had tremendous support from my coach. She was awesome and was there every step of the way. Jamie Tuttle.

What was something you regularly ate while on Stronger U that people wouldn’t expect you to eat on a diet?:

You can eat anything as long as it fits within the macros for the day. Planning is the key.

How much weight did you lose with Stronger U?:


How many inches did you lose off your waist?:


Did you have any favorite non-scale victories to share?:

Fitting into clothes, enduring longer hikes, just feeling good in general.

Has Stronger U positively impacted you professionally?:

I prioritize taking my breaks to eat and get my steps in, which has, in the long run, made me feel better and more productive.

Has Stronger U improved your overall health? If so, how?:

I feel better. I was working on my cholesterol but need to go to the Dr to measure it.

If someone is thinking about joining Stronger U, what advice would you give them before beginning their journey?:

Just start. Planning, eating, and taking care of yourself will come. The first step is the hardest. It’s one moment at a time.

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