Allyson’s 84 lb Weight Loss Journey to Redefining Herself 

Stronger U Member Before and After

Quick Facts:

Name: Allyson M.
Age: 31
Weight Lost: 84 lbs.
Coach: Michelle Waranoski

Allyson, like many others during and after the pandemic, experienced steady weight gain. She says she remembers giving in to food, alcohol, and one too many takeout nights despite knowing they weren’t a great option in the long run. After a while, she started feeling tired all the time and fell into a slump that lasted for months.

Unfortunately, many of her friends were also in the same slump she was in, adding to the social pressure to maintain her current lifestyle. Allyson says it was initially hard to make some different choices. However, she was ready for a lifelong change and to feel like herself again after many years of trying all the diets. So she joined Stronger U.

She recounts the beginning of her journey and how she balanced her social life: “I was choosing to eat out less, to prioritize moving/working out, and to curb much of my drinking. Saying no to certain outings, food items, or the next drink made me feel a bit out of the loop. But once I was in the swing of things, everything became easier,” she reflected.

While her social interactions may have initially looked different, she’s never been alone. Allyson felt inspired by the incredible Stronger U community, leaning on the Facebook group for advice, especially early on.

With Coach Michelle by her side, cheering her on every step of the way, each healthier choice she has made since beginning with Stronger U has moved her toward the person she is meant to be. Her confidence has been on an upward trajectory, she has much more energy, and she says she’s never looked healthier and felt more authentic.

“This confidence helped me do many things, including trying new fitness classes, meeting new people (joined a professional group!), and even dating again. On top of the confidence boost, waking up feeling more energized and taking on each day with a more positive attitude was just the best!”

In addition to her non-scale victories, Allyson has lost 84 pounds (and counting!) and 14 inches. “I have lost so much weight so far in my journey, but many of the victories are around how much I have become someone I never thought I could be. I cannot imagine being who I am without Stronger U. Although I have a little more to lose, I have been able to continue for this long knowing I have the support and knowing that I am someone who now values their health and can continue to do the work,” she admits.

She says her transformation has changed her entire life for the better. Throughout this journey, she met her boyfriend (now fiance!) who has been a wonderful partner in helping her stay in the right headspace. While some of her other relationships changed, the friendships that remained are aligned with her new lifestyle and have seen her through it all.

She acknowledges that she rarely sees food or alcohol as a stress coping mechanism and can make level-headed choices to balance what she wants and needs. She’s still enjoying pizza nights out with friends, quesadillas at her favorite Mexican restaurant and desserts or fun drinks she feels are worth it.

“Overall, I am such a different person and do not recognize who I was at the start of this journey. My coach Michelle had told me my life would change and part of me was saying “yeah, yeah,” but she always knew how much I could grow!”


A note from Coach Michelle:
“Each member teaches you how to become a better version of a coach. Having Allyson on my roster has been an amazing experience as she has taught me how to truly listen to what is happening week to week. She is a beautiful young woman who has blossomed from questioning everything to knowing when she is nailing it. When we started it was with the promise of us trusting each other to be honest no matter what. Allyson has stuck to that and is making it to her goal weight on her terms. She got engaged recently and watching her get ready for her wedding is truly joyful. She has been patient and receptive to feedback. She will hit her goal and find maintenance and she will do it with grace. It has been an honor to be on this journey with her.”


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