8 Ways to Amp Up Your Yogurt 

Yogurt Bowl with Granola Berry and Oatmeal

Light, smooth and versatile, yogurt is the perfect foundation for endless flavor profiles at any time of day! Create a satisfying breakfast, post-workout protein boost or an after-dinner treat in minutes without ever having to stand over the stove, toaster, oven or microwave.  

Because yogurt lends itself to a wide variety of add-ins and toppings, you can go far beyond the traditional fruit, nuts and granola.  

We recommend using plain, non-fat Greek yogurt as a base because it has about 12 grams of protein per serving, no fat and relatively low carbs and calories. If you prefer non-dairy, there’s plenty of alternatives such as soy, almond, coconut, cashew and more. However, nutrition may vary by style and brand, so look for Greek-style options that are higher in protein and compare calories, carbs, fat and sugar content. 

Whether you go with Greek or dairy-free yogurt, by choosing plain versus flavored, you can get creative with what you add and how much. Sweet or savory? You choose! 

Here are 8 ways to amp up your yogurt, your way:  

Add Your Own Sweetener

Skip the added sugar from flavored yogurts and add in your own Stevia, monk-fruit, honey or maple syrup to get your ideal level of sweetness.  

Make Your Own Flavor with Extracts 

A few drops can bring powerful flavor without the additives alternative flavors include. Beyond vanilla, there are so many readily available extracts to choose from online and in-store, including marshmallow, coconut, almond, and caramel. 

Use Cocoa Powder to Reimagine Chocolate Pudding 

Satiate your love of chocolate with a healthy take on traditional chocolate pudding by simply mixing in cocoa powder. Get the amazing taste without the added calories of chocolate syrup or chocolate chips.  


Whip up a PB+Y Dip 

Mix-in peanut butter powder to get the PB flavor and creamy texture. Plus, the powder is easier to stir! This combo provides a solid source of protein with lower fat than traditional PB and serves as a great fruit dip. 

Pack a Punch with Protein Powder 

Trade your usual protein shake for protein pudding by adding your favorite protein powder to yogurt. Enjoy as is or top with coconut shavings, fruits, nuts or granola.  

Create an Upgraded Cereal Bowl 

Pair the smoothness of yogurt with the satisfying crunch of protein cereal for a winning combo of rich texture, high fiber and extra protein. Find protein cereals and granolas in most grocery stores and online.  

Sprinkle in Superfoods 

Chia seeds can take your yogurt game to the next level by providing a good source of fiber, omega 3-fatty acids (an essential fat that benefits heart health) and about 6 grams of protein per serving. Great to incorporate with any flavor profiles! 

Give it a Savory Spin 

Who says yogurt must be sweet? Blend your yogurt with juicy roasted veggies, zesty spices and flavorful condiments to create your own dips, sauces or dressings.  


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