App Support Items

Current version: v2021.24.3 (June 17, 2021).

****Please note that we are removing the MFP import functionality. Please see this post by Mike Doehla for more info:


Please review the information on this page before submitting a ticket. No further tickets on the below issues are needed at this time.

  • Server error? Can't log in? Try resetting your password! https://shop.strongeru.com/my-account/lost-password/
  • MyFitnessPal - Macros off slightly. This is a known issue with how MFP exports its macros and MFP differences between their web and app versions.
  • Push notifications - Once we move the app to the app store, notifications that show up on your SU icon will be available. We will soon be sending unread message emails one per day.

Basic troubleshooting steps that clear the most common issues:

If you are still experiencing issues after doing all of the above, please submit a ticket!

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